Herbs:  A Place to Begin - A Series featuring simple ways to incorporate herbs into your everyday life.  An entire page of my blog has been dedicated to just HERBS!  Did you see it?

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Bouquets

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Dividing Mint

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Gifts

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Holiday Decor

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Propagating Low Growing Herbs

Herbs: A Place to Begin... The Purchase

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Bringing Them Home

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Where should herbs be planted?

Garden Guests - A Series about all the critters that visit our Backyard Habitat and tips on how to attract your favorites!

Garden Guest: Attract Birds with their Favorite Foods

Garden Guest: Tips for Providing Water

Garden Guest: Baby Robins

Garden Guest: Baby Robins 2017

Garden Guest: Bee

Garden Guest: Bird on a Wire

Garden Guest: Black Swallowtail

Garden Guest: Black Swallowtail in Flight

Garden Guest: Blue Jay

Garden Guest: Brown Thrasher

Garden Guest: Brown Thrasher 2015

Garden Guest: Bumblebee

Garden Guest: Cardinal (female)

Garden Guest: Cedar Waxwing

Garden Guest: Cedar Waxwing 2016

Garden Guest: Checkered White Butterfly

Garden Guest: Chickadee

Garden Guest: FAVORITE

Garden Guest: Giant Swallowtail

Garden Guest: Goldfinch

Garden Guest: Downy Woodpecker

Garden Guest: Heron

Garden Guest: House Finch

Garden Guest: House Finches in the Snow

Garden Guest: House Finches 2017

Garden Guest: Hummingbird

Garden Guest: Hummingbird 2015

Garden Guest: Tree Top Hummer

Garden Guest: Hummingbird on Feeder

Garden Guest: Lady Admiral

Garden Guest: Leopard Frog

Garden Guest: Merlin Falcon

Garden Guest: Mourning Dove

Garden Guest: Mourning Dove II

Garden Guest: Nuthatch


Garden Guest: Question Mark Butterfly

Garden Guest: Red Tailed Hawk in Flight

Garden Guest: Roadrunner

Garden Guest: Robins

Garden Guest: Robin's Eggs

Garden Guest: Robin's Nest

Garden Guest: Ruby Crowned Kinglet


Garden Guest: Squirrel

Garden Guest: Skippers

Garden Guest: Swallowtail

Garden Guest: Tiger Swallowtail

Garden Guest: Toad

Garden Guest: Tufted Titmouse

Garden Guest: Turtle Dove

Garden Guest: White Crowned Sparrow

Garden Guest: Woodpecker

Garden Guest: Wren

A hodgepodge of plants and garden tours.

Buckeye Harvest 2017

Nature Photography Challenge {Mine}

Purchasing Herbs

Amaryllis in Red



Chihuahua versus Squirrel


FGNS of NWA Garden Tour 2015 {Part One}

FGNS of NWA Garden Tour 2015 {Part Two}

Winter Salad

Spinach and Lettuce Harvest, April 2015

Rose Hips

Rose Queen Elizabeth

Coral Charm Peonies


Native Cross Vine

Crossvine 2017

Nature Photo Challenge {Beverly}

Nature Photo Challenge {Maggie}

Nature Photo Challenge {Mary}

Nature Photo Challenge {Mine}

Nature Photo Challenge {Robert}

Nature Photo Challenge {Travis}

Red Cypress Vine

Snowballs and Iris


Sunflowers for the End of Summer

Great Spring Gardens Begin in Fall

Master Gardener Program

Master Gardener Tablescaping Fun

Flower Arranging Tutorial "By Hand"

Tutorial for Arranging Iris

Tutorial for A Spring Bouquet

Tutorial or Arranging Flowers in a Teapot

Garden Breakfast

Garden Tour

Garden Tour in Early May

Greenhouse Update and March Harvest


Gourd Flower Pot

Gourd Harvest 2016

Gourds in Outdoor Autumn Vignettes

A Rainy Day in the Garden


Daylily Varieties 2016

Little Things

Mid August Garden Tour

Lovely Surprise Guest

How Does Your Garden Grow?



Hugo, Boy Next Door

Early Spring Flowers

Tutorial for a Spring Bouquet

Cactus in Snow

Lemon Balm


Red Buckeye

Western Soapberry


  1. Your titles are very comprehensive. Will have to come back and delve further because I like a bit of gardening. It's very relaxing.


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