Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vacation in Colorado. Check!

It was wonderful to spend time in and around Denver, Colorado!
Here's a brief overview of how we spent our time.  More details will come later!
Day 1:  Hays, Kansas
Day 2:  Denver and Thornton, Colorado
Day 3:  Golden, Colorado
Day 4:  Boulder, Colorado
Day 5:  Colorado Springs, Colorado
Day 6:  Georgetown, Colorado
Day 7:  Travel home.
My blog may be somewhat quiet as I tackle laundry and catch up work!  We took over 200 photos during our trip.  'Can't wait to show them to you!
;-)  -Marci

Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Review: Almost Home

cover image of Almost Home by Pam Jenoff

by Pam Jenoff

From bestselling author and Quill award nominee Pam Jenoff comes a rich, ambitious, and startling novel about a woman who must face a past she'd rather forget in order to uncover a dangerous legacy that threatens her future.

Ten years ago, American Jordan Weiss's idyllic experience as a graduate student and coxswain at Cambridge was shattered when her boyfriend and fellow crewmember, Jared Short, drowned in the River Cam the night before the biggest race of the year. Since that time, Jordan, a State Department intelligence officer, has traveled the world on dangerous assignments but has managed to avoid returning to face her painful memories in England. When her terminally ill friend Sarah asks her to come to London, though, Jordan finds herself requesting a transfer to the one place she swore she'd never go again.

My Review:  WOW!  This was a very fast paced spy novel that I could not put down!  While it's not a short book, it was a quick read for me, as I was intrigued and kept turning pages!  The main character, Jordan, is haunted by the death of Jared.  The author flips between two time frames.  One being Jordan's current life as she adjusts to her move back to England and that of her college days spent with Jared.  I loved this book and want to read more by Pam Jenoff.
Have you read any of this author's works?  Which ones?
;-)  -Marci

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Link Party Feature!

March Themed Blog Hop features have just been posted at God's Growing Garden!  Get this!  My post about Tablescaping Fun
Photo by Dawn Denton
was one of the 'most clicked' links!  How exciting! 

God’s Growing Garden
Thank you, Angie!  A new party begins tomorrow so hop over to God's Growing Garden and join the fun!
;-)  -Marci

Roaring River State Park in Missouri

Check out their website:  Roaring River 




Roaring River is one of our favorite day trips.  These photos were taken during our anniversary weekend getaway.
;-)  -Marci 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LINK PARTY! Tuesdays with a Twist #54

Welcome to another fantastic party!

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Happiness is... Coloring Pages for Adults

I love it!  What do you think?
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Link Party Feature

At the wonderful Tutorial Tuesday link party going on right now at Hope Studios,
my Bandana Dogs are being featured!  Thank you, Jennifer! 

;-)  -Marci

Monday, April 14, 2014

Literary Junkies {April}

Do you love books?  Please join the conversation by answering at least one of the questions in the comments below!
Marcie with a Book.

Everyone is also welcome to write a post and join the link party tomorrow!
Pink Heels Pink Truck

Here are this month's questions:
1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!
Planting Dandelions by Kyran Pittman.  I've only just begun so don't really have a feel for it yet.
2. Divergent, Hunger Games, or Twilight. Which do you prefer and why? (If you've never read them which do you think you'd prefer?)
 Hmmm...  I have not read any of them, so not sure, but I love the idea of strong females overcoming obstacles.   I think each storyline holds its own appeal
3. TV Series Based on Books they start out very close to the book to draw in the fans but then will start to separate themselves by changing things and adding characters. What are you thoughts on this?
 Isn't that what authors do as they write a series of books?  Everything evolves!
4. You've just been recruited to help a movie studio bring your favorite book to the big screen. What's the movie and who are you choosing to play the main characters?
My favorite book this year was The Girls of Atomic City.  The Untold Story of The Women who Helped Win World War II, by Denise Kiernan.  I would love to see their story in the movies.  Strong female actresses of all ages and races would be needed and only a few men.  I love Sally Field, Natalie Portman, Kerrie Washington, Amie Adams and Lucy Liu.  As for the men, they would be top bureaucrats and would need to be older.  I'm thinking Sam Elliott and Ed Harris.
5. Going back to the above question, do you keep it word for word the same or do you use this chance to change little things you thought would make the book better?
I think this is such a remarkable time in history, most of it would speak for itself with minimal changes.  The book focuses on the work the women were doing even though there are a few snippets of how they meet their husbands.  Maybe I'd add some romantic details.
6. After you finish a physical copy of a book do you keep it for a reread, put it on a shelf to collect dust, donate it to Goodwill, or do you just not purchase physical copies of books?

The card in my wallet I use the most is my LIBRARY CARD!  ;-)  I usually return the book to the library!

;-)  -Marci