Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bellingrath Gardens {Part 1}

During our recent trip to Alabama, we visited this lovely destination near Mobile.

Coming South from Arkansas, these gorgeous blossoms definitely warmed my heart and helped heal my Spring Fever!

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I've taken so many photos of this gorgeous place!  Please come back for more posts!

;-)  -Marci

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Built on the Bluffs

...of the mighty Mississippi River.  Our visit to Natchez, Mississippi only lasted one evening.  We were on the way to Alabama and paused for a night there. 

Our hotel recommended a restaurant, but we got distracted by architecture and turned the wrong way.  It happens.  ;-)  I hopped into a boutique to ask for directions.  The lovely proprietor recommended we go under the bluff to a restaurant called "The Camp".  This time we paid attention ;-) and found the right  spot.  Check out this view!

We watched cars zip across the bridge and barges float by.  It was such a relaxing evening.  We both chose a sandwich from the menu and enjoyed our meal.

Oh, and let me tell you where we stayed.  A friend recommended the Eola Hotel nested in historic downtown Natchez.

Our bed in the William Martin room was this king size masterpiece.  We guessed the ceilings to be 12 feet tall.

My favorite feature about our room though were these French doors with transom that opened onto the veranda.

There's my handsome travelling buddy!  ;-)

Any photos of him generate beard care questions.  He purchases combs and other products HERE.

These are a few shots from our porch seating of the buildings adjacent to our hotel.  Some are newer, but most are very old.

I wish we had planned more time in this lovely city.  To the west of us were historic residential neighborhoods and to the east were historic businesses.  Many of these gorgeous homes are open for tours.

We strolled a few blocks each direction, holding hands and chatting about the beauty.  I'm not sure just how many "National Register of Historic Places" plaques we saw.  A lot of the buildings had them displayed proudly.

Sadly, the camera didn't make it on our quiet, romantic walk.  Leaving Natchez, Handsome Husband  stopped at a church to double check directions so I hopped out and snapped a few shots.

Azaleas were blooming all over town.  It was so pretty!  If you ever have the chance to visit Natchez, do it!  What a lovely place!

;-)  -Marci 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Woodland Babies Centerpiece Tutorial

This little twig bouquet was the centerpiece for a baby shower we hosted in January.  The theme was woodland babies.  Would you like to see how I arranged it?

Here's the tutorial.  ;-)

Of course it begins with a vase.  You can see this one is 10 inches tall.  For this type of arrangement, I prefer to work with containers that have a narrow neck. 

Baby showers should be colorful, right?  ;-)  I added mult-color glass beads for weight as well as holding stems in place.  (No water will be needed.)  Beads don't work well for soft stems, but the twigs will be OK.  It will require a bit of twisting back and forth as the branches are pushed into the beads.

A good rule of thumb for height proportion is keeping the finished bouquet above the container between one and two times as tall as the vase.  So, with the vase at 10 inches, my finished arrangement should be 20 to 30 inches tall.

We recently had some lower limbs removed from a grand old oak tree in our front yard.  I snipped these twigs from it. and then spread them across our sidewalk to see the shapes.  I left a few leaves here and there. 

Using the curved ones first, I begin working.  Three are pushed down into the glass beads, equal distance apart around the vase with stems crossed.  

Three more are pressed into the glass beads equal distance apart with stems crossed.  Repeat until full.  ;-)  As I get closer to the center, I use the straighter twigs.

Once the bouquet was this big, I did some snipping and trimming, just to even the sides a bit.  The wind is blowing the leaves.  ;-)  Now for the fun part!

How cute are hedgehogs?!  I purchased these felt ornaments the second I saw them.

Woodland babies were snuggled here and there using a small loop of raffia pinned on the back.

A few things were added to complete the centerpiece.  The evergreens shrubs are small pots of rosemary.  The touch of lace is a crocheted collar that belonged to my daughter when she was a baby.   I also added a ceramic fawn and a huge acorn.

A large chopping block added some height.

Here's my centerpiece and all the tasty treats!

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We had such a fun day!  What do you enjoy most at baby showers?

;-)  -Marci

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Link Party Tuesdays with a Twist

Our News This Week...  We've been on the road quite a bit, so I haven't had much time for blogging.  As soon as I get a sec, though, I'll tell you all about it!

'Always makes me smile to be in or near a National Park  ;-)

I've begun co-hosting a party that lasts all month called You're the Star!  I hope you can join that one, too!

And now for today's party!

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;-)  -Marci

Monday, February 20, 2017

You're the Star Blog Hop {February} Home Features

WELCOME to the February "You're the Star" Blog Hop!

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Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share from my blog:

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We have an extra feature this week - 5 features instead of 4!
(All features were chosen from the December 2016 "You're the Star" blog hop)

Ice Cream Cone Rice Krispie Treats by Love My Big Happy Family
Rice Krispie Treat Ice Cream Cone

 Easy Tuscan Bean Soup by Comfort Spring
Easy Tuscan Bean Soup2

Planning Your Housework by Chronically Content
Ehlers Danlos Panning Housework

Just a Few New Dishes & a Few Old Ones... by Debbie-Dabble Blog

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

I am Broken

I am broken 
I'm just about to break
I have poured out every ounce I have
How many holes can one heart take?

I am broken
But I am still here
On bended knees with clasped hands
Silently in prayer.

I am broken
I have nothing left to give
Except for my love
And a warm and safe place to live,

You are broken
You are scared and tough
You’ve been through so much
Your life has been so rough

You are broken
You don’t know what to do
So we will be broken together
Me and you.

We are broken
We turn our eyes above
The only thing that can save us 
Is our Savior’s love

I point you to the cross
And pray I’ve planted the seed
Because God’s love is just the thing,
The thing you really need.

Because I am broken

Our daughter and son-in-law are foster parents.  On a particularly rough day, this was written by our daughter.  A beautiful poem from a beautiful heart. 

;-)  -Marci

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Quick Tour of my Kitchen

Our home was built in 1935.  The kitchen isn't large, but no one goes hungry around here!  ;-)  The first photo is of the north wall.  All kinds of plant cuttings, especially from herbs, can be found in the windows on any given day.  The shelf above the sink was added with this remodel.  It's nice to have a little more shelf space as there is not a lot of cabinet storage.  

These photos were taken about 27 seconds before we hosted a baby shower.  Our kitchen is seldom this tidy.  There's usually some kind of creative explosion in progress, as we both like to cook.

I'd like to point out the wire peg "shelves" inside the windows.  These are actually the racks from our old dishwasher.  When we were smack in the middle of painting, our dishwasher died.  Handsome Husband was working on switching to a new one and had placed the racks in the middle of the kitchen floor.  When I kept tripping on them, I shoved them into the window in complete exasperation just to get them out of the way.  

Well, they stayed long enough to catch a tool here and there and then some other items.  I really like having that bit of storage that still allows us to see out the windows.  The dishwasher racks are currently suspended with tension rods. 

One of the selling points of our home is this table that folds down from the wall.  Normally a couple of wooden chairs are tucked at the front.  I've had such a good time with that bit of chalkboard paint on these cabinet doors.  There's a funny space between the table and cabinets that is currently gray.  I'll probably turn that into a small chalkboard, too.

The little cubbies behind the table are filled mostly with sentimental items, like the stemmed glasses from our wedding.  All the cross stitch pieces are mine.  One side makes a handy spice rack.  The shelf between the table and stove catches cookbooks and small appliances.

Looking into the dining room, you get a pretty good view of the wallpaper.  It's a collage of vintage-looking menus.  My paint is actually a medium gray, but looks more blue in these photos.  The light fixture came with the house.

Target's Printable Grocery Coupons

Our refrigerator sits inside its own little closet.  This can be challenging though, as the size of refrigerators today are different from the early to mid 1900's.  ;-)  We have to measure carefully before making a purchase.

One last look back...  I love having "Thank You" notes and grandbaby paraphernalia all over the fridge.

Would you like a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea?

;-)  -Marci