Friday, February 27, 2015

Gray's Spring

This lovely picnic area was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.
The view in Winter is amazing!  Have you heard the old saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees".

Well, that's a good reason to hike in Winter!  ;-)  This view is still gorgeous when the leaves are on the trees, but, my goodness, look at those Ozark Mountains in early February!

The CCC did amazing rock work, didn't they?

While it's a pretty rough climb down to this little picnic spot

it's certainly worth the time to visit and pause for just a moment

before heading on down the road.

Gray's Spring is located on White Rock Mountain Road off Arkansas Scenic Highway 23, AKA The Pig Trail.
;-)  -Marci

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Announcing The Winner!! {February}

 Great Blog Train
The 26th GREAT BLOG TRAIN was a blast! - We all safely reached our destination: Myrtle Beach, SOUTH CAROLINA. It was a wonderful trip with 41 boxcars!! We (the Engineers) would like to thank all of you for travelling with us and we hope that you all had a wonderful time!
The Giveaway Winner: M.D. (I have contacted the winner by email)

W   A   N   T   E   D  :

The Great Blog Train by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo BlogTrainDestination_zps2925d251.jpg

(Being a "Destination Cohost" means that you get to pick our next destination!!  It also means that you will post The Great Blog Train on your blog on the first Wednesday of whatever month you will be cohosting (1 different cohost per month).  We (the engineers or hosts) will provide you with the html code for the blog hop & for the Giveaway - all you will have to do is add into that post some information on the destination that you picked (like population, known for, location etc - basic family friendly facts) and add a few pictures.  Also, if you cohost we ask that you promote it on your social media sites) (We are now scheduling for May 2015).

If you are interested in being a Destination Co-host for the Great Blog Train then please click HERE and fill out the form (THANK YOU!!)

We are now featuring the top 3 Boxcars!  (These are the links that received the most clicks)
Building Our Pool by "Fabulous Farm Living"

17 Things We Don't Pay For by "My Overflowing Cup"

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake by "Katherines Corner"
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Cupcakes
Please join us for the MARCH Great Blog Train
on March 4th, 2015!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gardening News, February Harvest

One of my 20 Wishes for 2015, Number 15 to be exact, is
Harvest something edible from either the green house or garden 10 months of the year
Some months, this will be easy, other months, not so much!  
A few of my herbs spend winter in a south facing window.  This is not ideal growing conditions, as they grow very slowly in the limited sunlight.  It does get them through the winter though and you might get a small harvest here and there. 
This basil hangs out in a west facing window behind an antique bed.
It was snipped and added to some comforting Vegetable Beef Soup on a snowy February day!  What a treat!  Fresh basil in winter, straight from my garden window!
Snow peas, lettuce and spinach are doing well in my greenhouse.  Hopefully, they will continue to grow even though we have snow and very cold temperatures!  I need to get some seeds started soon.  Spring Planting Time in Arkansas is around mid-April which is only 8 weeks away!  Thank goodness!
Are you ready for gardening season?
;-)  -Marci

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LINK PARTY!! Tuesdays with a Twist

Are you ready for a fun party?  We're your co-hosts:
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 Y'all make choosing features so difficult!  There were GOBS of great links last week!  Thank you!  My feature... 

(drum roll please)

How pretty is this Flower Felt Notebook Cover

from Teresa at Keeping It Real!  Isn't this just the perfect gift for girls?!  I want one!  ;-)  There is green felt in my stash.  Maybe one can be whipped together this weekend.  Who's ready for Spring?
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And now for the party!

;-)  -Marci 
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Quote from a Coaching Legend

Handsome Husband is a big fan of Dean Smith, the basketball coach.  With his recent passing there has been lots about him in the news.  Handsome Husband was reading an article to me and both of us were struck by this quote from Dean Smith.
My photo was taken at Mount Magazine State Park, quote added.
"You should never be proud of doing the right thing. You should just do the right thing."

What's your favorite quote?

;-)  -Marci

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Princess Seams - Yikes!

You might remember my post Ooh La La... Learning French Seams where a lovely soul, Linda, asked if I were interested in sewing classes.  (To read my entire geeky response, just click HERE.  I am such a goober.)  So far, she has not issued a restraining order against me!  ;-)  This post is about my second class with her.
So, THIS BOOK is part of my Twenty Wishes for 2015, but I don't exactly know what I am doing.  LOL!  I specifically asked Linda for a class on how to fit a bodice.  Choosing the Audrey dress from Famous Frocks, we worked for three hours, with Linda teaching me how to measure my torso about a million different ways and then writing all over the paper pattern pieces.  Oooh!  Say that three times fast.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Paper Pattern Pieces.  Whew!  I had never sewn princess seams before and was pretty intimidated.  If they don't fit perfectly, they just look awful.  YIKES!  I am so very grateful to Linda for scheduling this class just for me.  Interestingly, two other gals signed up and we all had a great time!
Most of the class was spent measuring and writing.  Once the muslin was cut and sewn (get this, I couldn't believe it)) the bodice fit perfectly on the first try!  THE FIRST TRY!  Thank you, Linda!
It may not look like much, but seeing the fit made me feel like I had climbed Mount Everest!  What a victory!  It fit on The First Try!
The actual dress is coming along nicely!  I can't wait for you to see it!
What have been learning and/or teaching?
;-)  -Marci

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Right Outside my Window

In a south facing window, herbs spend the winter inside.

On one of our recent snow days, I noticed something red right outside my window.  A sleeping male cardinal with his feathers puffed against the cold.

He is resting on a crape myrtle branch that sits among mahonia bushes.  I guess our house and the evergreen leaves offered some protection.
I hope you are having a warm and colorful winter!  What are you seeing right outside your windows?
;-)  Marci