Saturday, October 29, 2011

Men's T-shirt Makeover #3 Ruffle V-Neck T

If you've read any of my T-shirt tutorials, you already know what I am about to say.  I'm short.  I'm curvy.  I'm still not a Size 2.  Blah, blah, blah...  So, I can sulk or I can do something about it.

Have you ever noticed those packages of men's T-shirts that are like, oh, $10.00 for four shirts?  Some of the packs have white shirts, some have multiple colors, some have round necklines, some have V's?  I love re-designing these into something else...  A T-shirt that fits me!  This pattern is my Basic T on a V-neck men's T-shirt with a ruffle added at the neck line.  I will go over the Basic T again, so you don't have to bounce between two tutorials.

You will need: 

1 Men's V-neck T-shirt that is a little too big for you
Thread that either coordinates or contrasts with the Men's T-shirt
1 of your FAVE T-shirts
Safety Pins
Sewing Machine 

Wash the men's V-neck T-shirt so you don't have to worry about a shrinking shirt later.  (Don't you hate shrinking shirts?!)  Turn it wrong side out and lay it on a flat surface.  Place safety pins around the edges and down the middle to keep the shirt from shifting as you work with it. 

Place your fave shirt on top of the men's T-shirt.  Again, get it as flat as possible.  You will be using the fave shirt as a pattern.  I like to place coasters on top of it to keep it in place while I work out the pattern.  Make sure the fave shirt is centered well on the men's T-shirt. 

Here's where the chalk is used.  Carefully trace along the side seams of the fave shirt keeping in mind the fit of the fave shirt.  If there is an area you would like a little tighter (or a little looser), adjust your chalk line accordingly. 

Fold back the sleeve on the fave shirt to reveal seam line at the shoulder.  Cut the men's T-shirt using this seam line as a pattern.

Cut away the rest of the men's sleeve, but keep it.  We will be using it later. 

Here's how the men's T-shirt will look with the sleeve cut and chalking complete.

I prefer to sew the sides before adding the sleeves.  If you are concerned about the shirt wiggling around, add more pins before you take it off the flat surface.  Sew the sides following the chalk lines you have drawn.  Try it on and see if you like the fit.  If not, back to the chalk and sewing.  If you do like the fit trim the sides to about half an inch.  Using the fave shirt as a pattern again, cut the men's T-shirt sleeve to fit into the new arm hole.  Remember to leave space for seam allowance.

With right sides together, sew sleeve onto shirt.  For the ruffled neckline, I cut three inches off the bottom of the men's T-shirt leaving the hem on it.  Cut the tube of fabric on one side to make one long piece of fabric.  Using the longest stitch on my sewing machine, I made a seam along the hem.  Do not back stitch.  Tie off the two threads on one end of the fabric.  At the other end, gently pull the bobbin thread to create gathers.  As I was making the gathers, I would stop and hold the fabric along the V-neck until the fabric fit the V-neck from one shoulder to the other.  When you have the gathers the length you want them, tie off the threads.  Sew the ruffle to the collar of the shirt.  Since T-shirt fabric doesn't ravel, I left the outer edge raw and like it that way.  After that, all you have to do is hem the men's T-shirt.  (If you can call it "men's" anymore.)  Here's the result.

Pretty Girly T-shirt!

;-)  -Marci


  1. I love this. It is inexpensive and fairly simple to do and the ruffle adds a nice feminine touch.

  2. Love the way you did the ruffles, Marci -- another creative re-fashion : > thanks for linking up to Visible Monday too.

  3. Great job...and very creative!! I might have to go get a package of shirts!!

  4. Oh, wow!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have such a hard time getting the right fit in a T-shirt. A little custom fitting makes such a difference! Thank you for stopping by! -Marci

  5. Love it!! Great tutorial and love the finished product. If you have time, please consider linking up to our Snickerdoodle Sunday (!

    1. Hey there Marci - just to let you know, this post made Most Viewed on Snickerdoodle Sunday!!

  6. Love this idea - I plan to try it out one day.

  7. That's awesome actually ,and you make it look easy. Pretty sure mine would NOT come out looking like yours (I have years of experience to predict such an outcome ;) ). Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  8. Your tee makeover is sweet! Love the ruffle collar:)

  9. visiting you from Domesblissity. I love this. I am really into refashioning and this is a great tutorial.

  10. I love the thought of refashioning these cheap t-shirts! We'll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow :)

  11. Our Ace Hardware has men's t-shirts 3/ 9.99 right now! I bought 3 yesterday... For your patterns that I had in mind! I've always liked these t-shirt make overs and have actually tried one... Since it was practice and my thread wasn't the same color... I mainly wear it around the house. But hey that's why we practice... Right?

  12. Sew the crossover shoulder seams together.


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