Saturday, October 22, 2011

Men's T-shirt Makeover #2 Basic Drop Shoulder T

Well...  I am still short.  I am still curvy.  I am still NOT a size 2.  (Eyes rolling!)  I need/want a new T-shirt that fits.  If you need/want one, too, here's the tutorial. 

Have you ever noticed those packages of men's T-shirts that are like, oh, $10.00 for four shirts?  Some of the packs have white shirts, some have multiple colors, some have round necklines, some have V's?  Grab a pack of those. 

You will need: 

1 Men's T-shirt in a size that is a little too big for you
Thread to match or contrast the Men's T-shirt
1 of your FAVE shirts
Some safety pins
Sewing machine

Wash and dry the men's T-shirt so you don't have to worry about shrinkage later.  Turn it wrong side out and lay it on a flat surface.  The men's T-shirt needs to be as flat as possible.  Place safety pins around the edges and down the middle so it won't wiggle crooked as you work. 

Lay your fave shirt on top of the men's T-shirt.  Make sure it is centered.  I like to use coasters to weight the fave shirt while I figure out the pattern. 

Carefully chalk around the sides of the fave shirt.  If the fave shirt has short sleeves, I use a ruler to help me mark a straight line to the end of the men's T-shirt sleeves.  Here's how it looks with the chalking complete.

The next step is to sew along the chalk lines.  The safety pins help keep the men's T-shirt from "wiggling".  If you need more pins, add them before you take the men's T-shirt off the flat surface.  As you sew, remove any pins or safety pins along the sides.  

Once sewn, try on the shirt to check the fit.  If the fit is OK, trim the seams to about half an inch.  In the curve under the arm, snip a little closer.

Ta-Dah!  A new Drop Shoulder T-shirt!  Add a vintage pin or a cute puppy to complete your look!  

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  1. Remember that being fashionable is not about following all the latest trends. Fashion is about finding what makes you comfortable and working it.


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