Monday, October 24, 2011

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint and spearmint are very similar.  Both grow agressively here and need to be harvested and divided frequently.  Both can be used in many scrumptious recipes.  You can see from the picture spearmint tends to be a lighter green while peppermint is darker and the stems are redder.  In many recipes spearmint and peppermint are interchangeable.   

Peppermint Tea

Equal Parts Peppermint and Water

Harvest peppermint.  It can be cut all the way back to the bottom two leaves of each stem.  Rinse thoroughly, discarding any damaged or brown leaves.  Fill a sauce pan about three fourths full of water.  Place over high heat and bring water to a boil.  Turn off heat.  Do not boil the peppermint.
Add peppermint to the saucepan.  The amount of peppermint in this picture looks like it would not fit in the pan, however, once the green leaves touch the hot water, they wilt.  As more peppermint is added, it almost looks like the peppermint 'melts' into the water.  Use a spoon or spatula to press any stray leaves under the steaming water.  Cover and let steep at least 10 minutes.  Strain into a pitcher or cup or glass.

If you like sugar or honey, by all means add it to the tea.  Hot or cold.  Peppermint tea is fabulous!  


  1. Oh this sounds so good! I could really use a cup right now. Oh, I love peppermint tea, but I've never had it fresh like this. I need to check into growing my own peppermint. Thanks for the inspiration.

    *Stopping over from Hear the Bells' Taste this Thursday Link Party

  2. Very creative! Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Hi, Libby! Hello, Mrs. Delightful! Mint is usually easy to grow and is beautiful, too! If you ever get used to growing your own herbs, you will never go back to the plastic shaker bottles! Thanks for stopping by! -Marci


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