Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ginger Honey

Herb infused honey is actually quite easy and oh, so tasty!  Let me show you how to make Ginger Honey.  There are only two ingredients.

Fresh Ginger

In a clean pint jar, finely grate fresh ginger.  (Ginger can be frozen.  After grating the ginger, place in a freezer bag in your freezer until the next time you would like some.  I think it might grate a little easier when it is frozen.  'Doesn't seem so "stringy".)  Grate at least a couple of teaspoons.
Pour honey over the ginger.  Let it sit overnight.  Open jar daily and stir. 
There are gobs of yummy uses for Ginger Honey.  You can put it on a biscuit with butter.  (OK, that's cheating.  Everything is good on a biscuit with butter.)  Try it over fresh fruit.  We like to dip egg rolls in Ginger Honey.  It is lovely in any kind of hot tea.  We even like it with peanut butter. 

Try it and share our joy!

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