Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nature Photo Challenge {Travis}

On Facebook, I was nominated to do a Nature Photography Challenge by Mary Kalpos.  She is the master mind behind The Boondocks Blog.  The challenge was to post a nature photo, past or present, each day for 7 days and nominate a new friend each day to do the same.
It was so much fun, I'd like to share the ones I chose to post on Facebook!  If you would like to see mine, please click HERE!   I have permission from my buddies that participated with me, so I get to post their picture choices as well!  I hope you'll come back and see them, too!

Click HERE for Mary's and THERE for Beverly's. Oh, and Maggie's are over HERE.  ;-)

These are Travis' photos!  You are in for a treat!


Which one is your favorite?

;-)  -Marci 

1 comment:

  1. The building with the autumn leaves. The flowers and butterfly come in a close second. - Margy


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