Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Birthday Revelations and A Question

My birthday was in April.  This one felt like a really big one.  I struggled with the reality I would no longer be in my 40's.  OUCH!  It hurt my feelings to be THAT age.  My pain management of choice was fitness.  Some work out goals were set.  Most were accomplished.  Here are some pix.  Then I'll tell you about my birthday revelations and ask you a question.
If you ever get the chance to participate in a Warrior Dash, DO IT!!

My buddy, Amy, and I joined a team from my gym.  Like our shirts say, we really did run, climb, crawl, slide AND

jump over fire!  How amazing is that?!  We jumped over fire!
I recently tried some new classes.  Aerial Yoga



I LOVE both!  The instructor is sweet and let me take my camera to class.

My crazy co-workers decided it would be cool to sign up for a Glow Run.  It's a 5k in the dark!  The race began at 8:00 pm and everyone wore glow sticks.  After the race, we all had tacos!  What's not to love?  ;-)
No birthday is complete until a new hiking trail is explored with my Handsome Husband!  ;-)  A sweet passerby snapped this shot for us.  We are a bit out of focus, but the waterfall looks gorgeous!
All this activity led to my Two Birthday Revelations.
1.  No matter what age I am, I will live my life as fully as I know how!
2.  There's just no telling what I might do when I turn 60!  ;-)
;-)  -Marci
 A Question for You
Switching gears a bit...  Would any of you be interested in a series of blog posts about my fitness routines and nutrition plans?  I don't consider myself an expert, but could certainly speak to what has (and hasn't) worked for me.  Will you please let me know your thoughts?
;-)  -Marci


  1. I would certainly be interested in posts about health and fitness. I am on a bit of a health kick right now :) All those activities sound like lots of fun. I am set for a couple of 5k events in July, so need to do some training xx

  2. Wow I am impressed, I think it is great that you are so involved in these great activities and thank you for sharing on Oh mY Heartsie Girls WW this week!!

    Have a great week!

  3. I am turning 30 tomorrow...coming up to this "milestone" birthday i have been reflecting on many things and having to step back and be like "wow, I am 30 now". It is strange because I do not feel like an adult who is 30...I think I can kind of understand how you felt.
    The arial yoga looks pretty cool! I've done a little bit of yoga/pilates and would like to start doing it more regularly.

  4. How cool! It's so awesome to see you trying all these new experiences. I try to live this way as well, and I hope to continue it throughout my life. This year I just signed up for the Foam Fest 5k obstacle race, and I can't wait. PS - You look way younger your age!

  5. Happy belated birthday! How wonderful to tackle this milestone with new things and goals. Thanks for sharing your posts with us for Brag About It!

  6. This is a great reminder for those of us who have passed the big 50 mark but haven't met the next decade yet. We are never to old and we have to keep challenging ourselves.
    The photo of you and your husband is great - it's in focus enough.

  7. This was such a fun post and thanks for sharing it with us at Celebrate Your Story. As a retired wellness instructor I love hear about fitness and nutrition and look forward to hearing your tips.

  8. I loved reading this and I'll be ready to make 50 young in a few years too!! Happy belated birthday :)

  9. Looks like you had an amazing birthday! That aerial yoga looks fun! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday this week.

  10. That aer such great revelations Marci. You know they say that age in just a number and this is so true. We are only limited by our minds. Why look at you running and beating women who are half your age! Happy Belated Birthday!!


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