Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: To the Tower Born

by Robin Maxwell
Partial Synopsis from Good Reads:  Debated for more than five centuries, the disappearance of the young princes Edward and Richard from the Tower of London in 1483 has stirred the imaginations of numerous writers from Shakespeare to Josephine Tey and posited the question: Was Richard III the boys' murderer, or was he not? In a captivating novel rich in mystery, color, and historical lore, Robin Maxwell offers a new, controversial perspective on this tantalizing enigma.

The events are witnessed through the eyes of quick-witted Nell Caxton, only daughter of the first English printer, William Caxton, and Nell's dearest friend, "Bessie," daughter of the King of England, sister to the little princes, and founding ancestress of the Tudor dynasty.
My Thoughts:  This book is very well written and kept me entertained.  The bad guy proposed in this version of the story was quite a surprise.  Now I am incredibly curious as to what did happen to these boys.  There will definitely be more research done on this topic even though, it seems, no one really knows.  I love how Nell and Bessie remain friends throughout these difficult times.  Their relationship is the magic and power of this novel.  I think we all long for that BFF who is forever caring and loyal.

What have you been reading?
 ;-)  -Marci


  1. This sounds like a good read. I am always looking for books to read in our book club. Read about what I am reading here:

  2. I'll search for this one at our library, thanks for the review.


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