Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Lilac Bouquet for May Day

 Why, thank you, Self!  ;-)  How beautiful!

It's hard to imagine anything more fragrant than lilacs.
When we purchased our old rock farm house, there was a mature lilac already growing near our dining room windows!  I have transplanted many seedlings from it to the other side of our home, next to our bedroom windows.  When these lovelies are blooming, windows are thrown open and we can practically drink the fragrance!
Do you know lilacs are edible?  Did you see my Lilac Sugar Recipe?  Talk about delicious!
Today, though, I'd like to teach you how to arrange a lilac bouquet!
With heavy woody stems, I prefer to use a vase with a narrow neck as it will support their weight.

 See how narrow this neck is?  It won't take much greenery to create a grid base. 

For greenery placement, think in thirds.  Today I happen to be using American Holly.  Cut the greenery to about the same height.  Snip away any leaves that will be inside the vase.  Place three stems equal distance apart around the vase, crossing the stems.  Place three more stems equal distance apart around the vase, but not in the same places as the first three, crossing the stems.  With this type vase, that's really all the greenery we need.

(If you don't have a vase with a narrow neck, no worries.  Click HERE for a tutorial using tape and much more greenery.)

I have six lilac stems.  First I lay them out next to each other and find the straightest one.  That one will be the center and last to go in the vase.  The other five stems are cut about the same height and any leaves below the top of the vase are removed.  Then they are arranged about equal distance apart around the vase crossing stems.  The straight stem is cut just a bit taller and stands upright in the center.

The finished bouquet lends beautiful color and fragrance to my sofa table!

I love bringing fresh cut flowers inside.   Every time I pass an arrangement, I smile!  Here are some more tutorials for you!

Tutorial for Grid in Traditional Vase

Tulips arranged "By Hand" in a Traditional Vase

Tutorial for Grid in Non-Traditional Vase

Iris arranged "By Hand" in a Non-Traditional Vase

Happy May Day, everyone!

;-)  -Marci

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  1. your flowers are so beautiful and I love lilac too - the color, the look and the smell! Thanks for sharing with us how to arrange the flowers - I admit, I just trim the ends and shove them in but will take more care in the future!

  2. Your bouquets are always gorgeous, my friend, and your lilac one took my breath away.

    Happy May Day! Hugs!

  3. You are a master of flower arrangements Marci. I just throw them in and hope they look nice. Thanks for the great tutorial and I wish you a wonderful May!

  4. Lovely pictures, love all your flower arrangements :)

  5. Hello, your lilacs are beautiful. I love all your pretty flower arrangements and vases. The bunnies are cute too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. All your flower arrangements are beautiful. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Such beautiful bouquets! Thanks for sharing :) Found your blog through wake up wednesday.

    Edye | Http://

  8. Lilacs just smell so amazing! I love having a bouquet right by my sink for while I'm washing dishes.

  9. Love your lilacs. I miss them the most living here in Florida. I try to get to Vermont when they are blooming so I can get my fill. Great tutorials.

  10. Oh I just LOVE lilacs. We used to have HUGE bushes near our house growing up and I always made bouquets from them. Pinned.

  11. Such beautiful flowers! I especially love the tulips!


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