Monday, June 8, 2020

From humble beginnings this Planter comes

Succulents are such trendy little plants these days, and rightly so.  Aren't they pretty?  This is the planter I created for My Favorite Spot in our garden.  It always makes me smile.  Do you know how succulents propagate?  Would you like to learn?  When you see how simple it is, your garden will be forever changed!

Succulents grow smaller versions of themselves.

See all the little ones?  These can be snipped from the parent plant, but you need a place to press them into soil  That's where today's project begins!  I need a small planter!

This may look like a bit of trash to you, but I see free craft supplies!  First I drilled small holes in the bottom of the container so water will drain nicely.

Next, I whipped out spray paint in Heirloom White.  To completely cover the dark lettering, two coats and a little touch up were needed.  

Chalk helped me decide where I wanted to write.  A brown paint pen was the perfect tool to add a simple sentence, and the chalk was wiped away. A scrap of ribbon was glued to the top.  You can see what once was the lid now holds water.  When all of the paint had dried, my new planter was filled with soil.

Since My Favorite Spot is sporting blue and white pillows this year, I dug through my bowl of marbles in our greenhouse.  Choosing complimentary colors, marbles were added in the center and around the edges. 

Baby succulents were snipped from the parent plant and their stems were pressed gently into the damp soil.  I love how the blue and white marbles peek through their leathery green foliage!

Here are the planters side by side.

EDIT November 5, 2020:  Here's a photo update of how quickly these small succulents can grow.

Just a reminder, here's the size in June.

Big difference, don't you think?  ;-)  These will spend the Winter inside.  Handsome Husband really likes house plants.  When temperatures warm, they will probably hop into another collection dish.  Who know what I might create?!

* * * * *

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;-)  -Marci

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  1. I didn't realize how easy it is to propagate succulents. Thanks for the info! Love your up-cycled little planter.

  2. How fun is that! Love where it started and how it turned out. Great share and wonderful crafting with you.

  3. What a fun way to create a planter, Marci! And I love the lettering of "grow up" - for your baby succulents!

  4. Very cute plant container! It's very cheerful

  5. Hm.. I never knew that about succulents. What a cute idea and I just love that saying.

  6. That is precious. I love succulents and the easy of which they propagate. And that planter is perfectly weathered and a perfect display piece . Great tutorial .Pinned and scheduled to share.

  7. What a fun saying on the jar and what a deal for gelato and craft supplies! Succulents are adorable and this is super cute.

  8. Your upcycled jar worked out perfectly for your succulents, plus, you made your new planter look fun and whimsical with "grow up!" Pinned.

  9. There are so many great containers that really do deserve to be used in other ways... this is a great one! I love the marbles too. I have some succulents I could move babies into new pots... might need to put that on my to-do list soon!


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