Saturday, May 25, 2013

Herbs: A Place to Begin... The Purchase

Being part of our county's Master Gardener Speakers Guild is a lot of fun. My program is titled "Herbs: A Place to Begin". It is for anyone who might be curious about growing herbs or is just beginning to use them. I give simple advice for ways to incorporate tasty herbs into your every day life. After such a sweet reception to my presentation, I will be adding regular posts about herbs.
Watch for the ones titled "A Place to Begin".

So, you are at the garden store looking at rows and rows of herbs.  If you've never purchased herbs before, this can feel somewhat overwhelming.  How do you know which one your family will or won't like?  Where do you begin? 

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Here are some ideas. 

Consider any recipe where you are currently using one of those plastic shakers of dried herbs.  Those would be plants to consider.  Keep in mind your recipe will need twice as much fresh herb as dried. 

'Not using a single plastic shaker thing?  Think about meals you enjoy.  Look at a recipe and see which herbs are being used.  If you like spaghetti, for example, you would probably like oregano.  Are you a big fan of chicken soup?  Parsley would be an option to consider.

What about that row of herbs you've never even heard of?  Well, here's a little trick.  Gently remove one leaf from the herb.  Crush the leaf between your fingers and smell the essential oils.  That's about how it will taste.  Does the fragrance make you smile or want to back away?

We'll be talking about how to care for herbs in another post.

Hop on over to your favorite garden center and check out the herbs.  Maybe you will even purchase some! 

I hope this information gives you...  A Place to Begin!

;-)  -Marci


  1. I'm anxious to learn more from you about herbs. Which ones to grow. How to dry them. All suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks, Marci.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  2. Marci, that's a great way to think about which herbs to grow! I love this series girl!

  3. Hi Marci, stopping by from Inspiration Cafe. My husband and son like to cook, and love to cook with fresh herbs. This sounds like a series I could pass on to the guys!! I stay out of the kitchen whenever possible, myself:)

  4. Such great ideas to get started. I never thought about pinching a leaf to see if its a fragrance I might want. Now I am inspired and have a direction...going to look at my favorite bottles spices!

    Holly stop by when you get a chance!

  5. I'm intimidated by herbs but I'm going to try your smell trick.

  6. I am always on a mission to improve my cooking. When I started using fresh herbs I was amazed how such a little thing could make such a difference. I am now on a mission to learn more about herbs.

  7. I recently planted my own little herb garden in the backyard and I love it! (Sharon)

    So glad you linked up with us at the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT Link and Hop.

    We'd love it if you would link back to BeBetsy at the bottom of your post.

    Have a great week~xo
    Sharon and Denise!

  8. I was going to buck up and do the herb garden this year and whimped out last minute. Next year I'll start here first!

    Thanks for linking up to Super Sunday!

  9. I love having fresh herbs in my garden. I grow basil and parsley in pots on my deck right off the kitchen...we use those the most. I also have chives and oregano growing in my mini (very mini) garden, so I can grab those when I need them as well. I used to have a bay leaf plant but it got sick...I miss that. I might try again.

  10. Last year was the first year I grew herbs and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got carried away and planted some that I wasn't sure how I was even going to use them. Great post!!

  11. Brilliant idea - I never thought to test the plant first!

  12. such a great post! i'm going to do an herb garden this year, and i'm not sure which ones to buy. this helped!

  13. Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party starts this upcoming Thursday May 1st - would love it if you linked up! xoxo

  14. Stopping by from Turn It Tuesday. Just shared on your post on Google+. I started basil and oregano. After reading your post, I may add a few more. Thanks.


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