Sunday, July 3, 2016

Daylily Varieties in My Garden

We have a small daylily collection.  ;-)


About 50 varieties brighten our garden during the summer months.  Here are a few shots of some of my favorites!

If you haven't shopped for daylilies lately,

you just haven't shopped for daylilies!  ;-)

Currently, there are over 35,000 daylily cultivars available!  35,000 + !!  Wow!!  That means there's something for everyone, right?  ;-)


You can see I tend to prefer pastels,

but I also have some vibrant yellows along with

a few knockout reds!

 Daylily hybridizers have not yet to achieve a true blue or a true white cultivar, 

but, my goodness, they're awfully close!
What are your favorite colors in the garden?
;-)  -Marci


  1. They are trully stunning, what gorgeous photo's :) At the moment my absolute favourite coliur is pink as I am growing pink Lupins this year and they are easily my favourite.

  2. Lovely lilies.

  3. I wish I had more garden space for such beautiful flowers. My two pots of dahlias are starting to bloom. They survived the winter in their pots to regrow again. That was a lot easier than digging them up like I did last year. - Margy

  4. Your lilies are stunning!! You have several varieties I don't have. I'll be looking for a white one, for sure. It would look pretty with my deep purple lilies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful lilies. Different variety make everything pop. I wish flowers would bloom all summer. I would be in heaven surrounded by these beauties. Marci, I would love it and so would our readers, if you shared your gorgeous flowers at our link party, Dishing It & digging It. The party is live now. If you add a link, you could be featured sometime. Happy 4th.

  6. *Sigh* I Just love day lilies, yours look gorgeous! I think I have lemon lilies aka Happy Ending in the front and a few varieties in the back that someone gave me, similar to your third picture down. Adds such color and so easy!

  7. Love your lilies! I have about seven different varieties - one beautiful lavender with a purple eye called "Giada." We have a daylily farm called "Thumper's" about 15 miles away and the owner hybridizes different varieties and then lets customers choose a new one and they get to name it. I chose "Giada" for my granddaughter. My cousin named one "Aspen" for her granddaughter. I grow it as well - a beautiful bright yellow one, I have a bright red one, 2 dark purples, some pastels like yours, and probably my favorite - a huge, brightorange one named "Jason." My son, Jason, was born with "carrot colored hair" so this one reminds me of him!

  8. Your photos are beautiful! Our day lilies are very slow this year and we can't figure out why Thanks for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story.

  9. Love day lilies! I have 3 gardens and several varieties. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  10. I love day lillies and have lots in my garden too. Thank you for sharing at #HomeMattersParty


  11. Once upon a time and long, long ago I had a farm close to the Ohio River. Our soil was very sandy. I had lots of flowers but my lilies and daylilies were my favorites. Something about the sandy soil just helped them to grow like crazy. All of the bulbs and rhizomes loved that soil. If I was able I would spade up a large area and fill it half way with sand and have a daylily yard again. But I will have to look at beautiful pictures like those you shared with us.


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