Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Christmas In July Link Party - Week 2 - More Herbs, Please!

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Today I am bringing you my "Go To" hostess gift.  Seriously, I use this one all year long! 

You may have noticed one page of my blog is dedicated to Herbs.  I actually speak at Garden Club meetings.  The title of my presentation is

Herbs and Edible Flowers:  A Place to Begin 

I give very simple tips and advice on ways to use herbs in your daily life.  If you're curious, please explore my Herbs Page.  ;-) 

Anyone new to herbs usually has the question of how to get herbs.  'Makes sense, right?  How to I get some herbs?  OK.  This question brings us back to the Christmas in July Hostess Gift.  Most herbs can be started with a cutting.  Just about every grocery store has fresh herbs available.  All you do is gently remove the lower leaves from the stem and, of course, use those in your favorite recipe. 

Next, just plunk that stem into a container of water.

Yep!  It's that easy!  Really, this works for LOTS of plants, not just herbs.  Place the cutting somewhere with lots of light, but not direct sun.  Here in the Central United States, a north facing window is perfect.  Fortunately, both my kitchen and dining room face the north.

Our windows frequently look like we are conducting some kind of science experiment!  ;-)  Oh, I want you to see the garden outside my dining room.  Lots of bird feeders and a small pond.

'See all those cuttings in the window?  Depending on temperature, it only takes a couple of weeks for roots to be visible.  They look like cream colored threads.

Can you see them?

When you can see quite a few, it's time to put them in a pot of soil.

Label and add something decorative.

Any hostess is THRILLED to receive a pot of herbs, especially if you tuck a recipe into the card!
 I can't wait to see all of your Christmas ideas! 


  1. Good morning. Love the herb cuttings idea. I never thought of that. I clicked on the InLinkz, but it didn't work. Have a great day.

    1. Uh Oh... Sometimes linky is a bit argumentative. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. This is such a wonderful idea for a hostess gift or for anytime! Love it! Pinning to share!

  3. What a great idea for a hostess gift! I've never tried to grow my own herbs, but you make it seem simple enough that even a non gardener like me could do it!

  4. That most definitely is the perfect gift for a hostess. I never would have thought of it.

  5. Anyone who cooks would love to get this as a Christmas gift, Marci! Fresh herbs - yes, yes, yes! Lovely choice!

  6. Out Krogers/CityMarket has had plants for sale outside in front of store. Not sure they still have them as that was towards end of June and we were going on our first vacation in years so didn't want to buy new plants wouldn't be here to care for. Will take a look this weekend, hopefully might still have some left. Been wanting to grow some for long time but was unsure could keep them alive plus not knowing how to use them.
    Because of blogs have learned so much, have tried things never ha, blogs have gotten me to educate myself more than ever. Tended to be afraid to try things. Must have been meant for you to share your knowledge of herbs today. Happy daze

  7. what a great idea! easy and so welcome by anyone! I will end up killing mine but until then I would love this gift!

  8. Great idea for a hostess gift. I love to find gifts that are personal, and this one is frugal as well. I'll be taking some cuttings for sure. Do you know if oregano will root?

  9. I always wanted to grow herbs. I cook with them, I may as well eat them fresh.

  10. Wow, that herb trick is just TOO easy! Thank you for sharing it on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  11. Thank you! I have my basil in a south facing window and I'm off to move it!

  12. Great information. I planted some herbs this spring. My basil is doing great. I didn't get to plant rosemary but maybe in the fall!

  13. I am with Sandra above, I "had" my basil in a south window. Definitely moving now! Thanks so much for joining the DI & DI Link Party, we enjoyed having you!

  14. What a marvelous idea! I love getting fresh herbs as gifts too.

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