Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Terrific Programs! Great Booth!

Benton County Master Gardeners were well represented at the Annual Emergency Preparedness Fair this year! 
The booth was absolutely amazing!

The efforts of Mechel and Anita were greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance.

The programs were:

> > Herbs - A Place to Begin
> > Marci Vaughn

> > Bee Keeping - Getting Started
> > Tom Nichols

> > Rainwater - Capture and Use
> > Trish Ouei

> > Composting, Compost Tea, Vermicomposting
> > Tammy Greever

> > Preserving Food - Dry, Can, Freeze
> > Mechel Wall

> > Kids Classes

> > Fruit Leather
> > Seed Bombs
> > Rain gauge 

There were elements from each class incorporated into the booth.

Several were excited to get on the list for the New Class of Master Gardeners!

So much information was packed into the booth.

Thank you, Mechel, Anita and your team of worker bees! 
If you enjoy gardening, check out the Master Gardener Program in your area!
;-)  -Marci

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