Friday, July 6, 2012

Daylily Walk

Many people don't realize how diverse daylilies are.  May I take you on a little walk?  There are so many beautiful options in color, height and form! 

Each bloom only lasts for one day, hence the name "daylily".

They are edible and very tasty in salads. 

My dear friend, Joyful, likes to make round cakes with white frosting, then arrange daylilies on top!

She's done the same thing with cupcakes, placing one daylily in each cup.  She's a genius! 

Another  word for daylily is hemerocallis. 

The American Hemorocallis Society is responsible for registering new daylily hybrids.

There are literally tens of thousands of daylily hybrids.

Daylilies are drought resistant and prefer full sun.

Be careful to not overwater.  They don't care for "wet feet". 

Some hybrids are evergreen, so lovely grasslike foliage is present even in the winter. 

Most hybrids bloom throughout the growing season. 

They make great hide outs for katydids!

If you have a sunny location that needs a little 'zhuzh', consider daylilies.  There are so many beautiful options in color, height and form!  I bet there is a hybrid just for you!  They are gorgeous in containers, too! 

Thanks for visiting!  Please come again soon!  ;-)  -Marci


  1. Lovely photos! Those burgundy lilies are my favorite :)

  2. Hello, Lamb! Thank you for the compliment! -Marci

  3. Hi, Momsy! Don't you love the blog hop? Thank you for the invitation to visit your blog. I'd love to see what you've been creating! -Marci

  4. Love your flower pics!! My yard is so dry from lack of rain that I have given up on my garden for the year. My hostas and the rose bushes are the only things not suffering. Visiting from the under 300 hop. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!!

  5. Hello, Mel! Thank you for visiting. Most of our garden is brown and crunchy. I sure hope it rains soon! -Marci

  6. Beautiful pics! I love lillies!! Liz

  7. Hi, Liz! Thank you for the compliment! Please come again! -Marci


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