Monday, July 23, 2012

My Craft Room

Let me tell you about my Craft Room.

In our Stone Cottage you have to go through a room to get to a room.  There are no hallways.  One room in our home is completely surrounded by other rooms and has no outside windows.  Needless to say, it's kind of dark in there.  We decided to re-vamp it into a Craft Room for me!  WOO HOO!! 

 photo 10a7bb45-fb3e-4ea4-bb54-a0aa29a1fc9f_zps9700aafb.jpg

The color scheme is Bright White, Black and CRAZY orange.  These pictures were taken about 5 minutes after completion.  The room has never been tidy again.  Multiple projects are always in full swing! 

 photo a8690bbf-3add-48d4-a7b6-725702c8edb5_zpsc95912fb.jpg
First we painted the walls bright white in an effort to make it seem less dark.  Then Handsome Husband installed 24 feet of shelving. 

I happily drug craft supply bins and scissors and wreaths from various closets and hiding places. 

My craft supplies scoffed at 24 feet of adjustable shelving!

Poor Handsome Husband!  He installed 24 more feet of adjustable shelving.  Fabric and equipment came out of hiding.  Furniture was moved into the room.  Here it is before it got all messy.

I wouldn't dream of showing you a photo of it now.  Talk about a total creative explosion.  I love having my own room where I can be messy.  Even though it used to be a dark room in the middle of the house, it is now my favorite place. 

My craft room filled with creative joy!  Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing it with me!  ;-) 
;-)  -Marci


  1. I think a clean craft room means you need more ideas for crafts! Messy craft rooms = a busy worker!! (:

  2. Thanks, Alyssa! I must be very busy! That room is a WRECK!! ;-) -Marci

  3. You have a great space for crafting. Mine is still a work in progress...but I guess everything in life is always evolving. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Hello, Lura! Yes, I agree completely! "Everything in life is always evolving!" I am so glad you visited! -Marci

  5. Wow! Talk about tons of wonderful storage!! You've got it girl!
    I finally created my craft room. It's lovely and I call it my studio. Heehee! But, since I've started my blog I haven't been too crafty. That must change!!!

  6. Hello, Diane! I like the way you think! Going forward that room is My Studio! ;-) Thank you! -Marci

  7. Hi, Annie! I would like to let you think My Studio is organized, but it really isn't. It was tidy for all of 5 minutes after those pix were taken. Now it has gobs of half completed projects all over it! -Marci

  8. Loved your post. Found you at Domesblissity's party. I have linked in home-made steak burgers. Cheers

  9. Howdy, Carole! Thank you for stopping by! -Marci

  10. It makes it so much nicer when you have a place of your own:)

  11. Hi, Tara! I agree completely. Before we set up this room, there were craft supplies hidden everywhere! I love my messy craft room! -Marci

  12. 48 feet of shelving... lucky girl. It's great to have a room that's totally your own.


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