Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Song of the Rose Hip Fairy

 Cool dewy morning, Blue sky at noon,
White mist at eveining, And large yellow moon;
Blackberries juicy For staining of lips;
And scarlet, O scarlet The Wild Rose Hips!

Gay as a gypsy All Autumn long,
Here on the hedge-top This is my song.

 The poem is by Cicely Mary Barker. The photos are mine.

While roses are spectacular during Summer, the star of Autumn just may be rose hips.

;-)  -Marci


  1. Here, we have rosa rugosa which is a rambling beach rose with a zillion thorns. The hips on those are a little bigger than what you show here and have a big green tuft at the end. For so many years of my childhood, I thought they were beach tomatoes because they would start out green, when the petals first fell off, and then turn orange and then red by the end of summer. THe green tuft looked like the green top of a tomato. And when you crush them, they have little seeds and chambers inside like a tomato :)

  2. Love the poem! The author is a beautiful painter also as I just read a short biography about her.


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