Monday, November 26, 2012

I Won at The Chicken Chick!

This is so exciting!  I won a giveaway at
I feel like Daffy Duck when he shouts WHOO HOO WHOO HOO and turns cartwheels!
Thank you, Kathy!  What wonderful news!
;-)  -Marci


  1. You are on a roll girl! Congratulations! Maybe you should by a lotter ticket! Lucky girl...did you win the incubator too??!! It would go nicely with your newest prize!

  2. YAY!! Aren't you the lucky one! (I was going to say you are one lucky duck, but guess since it is from the chicken chick, you are a lucky chick!) Happy for you!!!

  3. Isn't it soooo exciting when you finall win a blog contest? Congrats and may you win many more!


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