Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I met Fellow Blogger, Danni!

You may already know Danni from Silo Hill Farm  or  Inspiration Cafe !   You might have noticed one of her recipes  HERE  and how she rescued me from "no reply" status  HERE !

Danni has been such an encouragement to me.  Her infectious laughter brightens any room!  I was so excited to meet her in person!
Sandstone Gardens was the location we chose.  If you are anywhere near Joplin, Missouri, visit this stunning shopping extravaganza.  (Call Danni and me!  We want to go, too!)  These photos are mine, all from Sandstone Gardens .  They showcase their products brilliantly.

Let me tell you about Danni!

Her favorite color is green, any green except regular green.

This delightful gal is an early riser, usually awake before dawn.


Cross country skiing is one of her favorite past times.

From the skiing skill set, Danni likes to picnic in the snow!  How cool is that?!

My sweet friend from Silo Hill is not a big fan of glitter,

but is very drawn to the natural shimmer of branches

and old world beauty.

Originally from Chicago, my kindred spirt has lived in Montana and now resides in Missouri.

Here we are in one of the three greenhouses.  It was a wonderful afternoon. 
Please visit Danni at  Silo Hill Farm  or at  Inspiration Cafe !
We hope to have ongoing Blogger Play Dates each quarter buzzing around Missouri and Arkansas.  Please join us!
;-)  -Marci


  1. So cool! Danni is so sweet and Im now following you on her recommendation. We had a good laugh when she told me that my house door banner was casually brought up in conversation. Such a small world.

  2. Oh Marci thank you! What fun we had and who knows? Maybe someone will contact us and we'll share Sandstone with them!! We better save extra time for talking though!!

    1. What a fun day! Maybe Sandstone can be our Fourth Quarter tradition? ;-) -Marci

  3. Oh i am so jealous! I wished i lived closer. That place is gorgeous. AND look how close to 100 followers you are!!! :)

  4. Danni is so sweet, I am so looking forward to meeting her on Friday, and also to getting together with you soon. What fun to actually meet blogging friends in real life.

  5. Any friend of Danni's is a friend of mine. I just became your latest follower - #98! I am envious that you two visited this beautiful place, but glad you both showed us around. I love your menagerie.

  6. Danni sounds delightful, as you are, Marci. Thanks for sharing your adventure with Visible Monday.

  7. Wow, I bet that was fun, Congrats!

    Garrett @ The Growing Patch


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