Thursday, April 9, 2015

Garden Guest: Cedar Waxwing

The north side of our front yard is a certified  National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat.  Really!  We have a certificate!  You can do the same by providing food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise their young.  It is so much fun to see all of the critters that stop by for a visit.  I have a series of posts to show you our Garden Guests. 

If you would like to see more, check my Gardening Page!

This stunning beauty is a Cedar Waxwing.  I love how the tips of their tails look like they were dipped in a tiny bit of yellow paint!

These lovely birds stop by for a week or two as they migrate.

This tree is their favorite.  It's a Western Soapberry.  They also love the Mahonia bushes which have berries this time of year, too.

As soon as the berries are gone though, so are the Cedar Waxwings.

And for a little blogging music, have you heard of Sawyer Fredericks and Noelle Bybee?  They are contestants on The Voice this year.  I love this duet!

What's happening in your back yard?

;-)  -Marci


  1. The bird is gorgeous.

    Sawyer is my favorite of The Voice this year but I'll be honest, that duet didn't grab me. It was done well, but I thought the song in general was boring.

    I didn't catch any of the Lives this week but saw the results and was shocked Brian went through even though I like him.

  2. Wow Marci, your photos are stunning! The bird and berries look like they are pure gold :)

    Happy Thursday to you! Hugs

  3. What a pretty bird! I love seeing all the different varieties in our backyard and watching them. We don't have any of these though.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever seen a Cedar waxwing but they are beautiful. Great photos!!

  5. Absolutely amazing pictures!! & a great post!
    Have a blessed Sunday

  6. Lovely bird post! I adore bird watching, and your photos are first rate. Thank you for sharing them.
    Have a great week!

  7. Beautiful photos. I seldom see cedar waxwings near my home, but one year a group go them landed in my cherry tree. I heard them catering and watched as the passed cherries to each other for a few minutes. and then they flew away.

  8. Lovely pictures! We have had Bohemian Waxwings stop off in our garden in Scotland before and they were similar. Thank you for sharing :-)

  9. Colourful birds, aren't they? Also most obliging models! Lovely post and pics. Thanks for sharing them. They confirm that Spring is finally on its way.

  10. How neat to have a certified habitat in your own yard! The bird is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Marci :)

  11. Hi Marci - stopping by from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine's Corner . . . . . I love your blog! It is so inspirational as I contemplate how best to cultivate our little corner of the world. We have great soil for gardening as we live in the farmland of NE Indiana, with a woods behind our house and lake across the way. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the blog hop. Hope to see you next week! Nina @ Vintage Mama's Cottage

  12. Beautiful birds! We made a bird feeder but no birds have stopped by. My daughter is a little sad. I think we may have gotten a bird seed for birds not in our area. Thanks for linking up at #HomeMattersParty

  13. He's so pretty! Lovely pictures!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! We'd love for you to join us again this week!

  14. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thanks for providing this info.


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