Thursday, July 3, 2014

Native Cross Vine

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A key to habitat gardening is planting as many natives as possible.  This cross vine (bignonia) was purchased from Mary Ann King of Pine Ridge Gardens when it wasn't much more than a twig.  It is a lovely native vine similar to trumpet vines, but not as invasive.  It is semi evergreen and blooms throughout much of the year. 

 photo 22b24571-36be-438f-9271-5d6c388152b5_zps7f100e99.jpg
Cross vine (bignonia) on our fence

The heaviest bloom comes in Spring about the same time as Lonicera Sempervirens (a native red honeysuckle) which happens to coincide with hummingbird migration.

crossvine photo: crossvine in its glory 000_0005.jpg
This is not my photo, but isn't it pretty?
 Cross Vine is wonderful cover for small birds and some even build nests in it!

 photo 9d0068f2-3c83-455b-9dae-c6a797ba7bac_zps6250a13d.jpg
Baby Robins snuggling in their nest surrounded by Cross Vine.

The folks at Hilton Pond call it "A Haven for Hungry Hummingbirds".  I agree completely!

While not invasive, Cross Vine can grow up to thirty feet long, so it does need some growing space as well as something sturdy to climb.  We have ours planted on our chain link fence near our back porch.  Frequently eating dinner in our back yard, hummingbirds entertain us as they cruise the Cross Vine.

So, what's happening in your back yard?
 ;-)  -Marci


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  2. I think that is so pretty! I need some to go along our chain link fence for sure. Have a great weekend!

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