Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bathroom Makeover: Light Sconces

About this time last year, I was publishing teaser posts about my bathroom makeover.  There was This Post about my trash can's Polka Dots and then I showed you photos of the total mess we were making as well as an interesting surprise.  Did you see my post about The Inspiration?  What about The Curtains?  You've gotta see The Curtains I made!  I also had a post about The Cabinet Knobs.
'Sorry for the odd photos.  Our bathroom is tiny!

 photo b5ce6ed5-790a-48c9-85ca-c91cdbf5aef0_zps4100e952.jpg
These sconces were found at a yard sale during Pickin' Time on 59.  Talk about a total steal!  I purchased four of them, FOUR, for the crazy low price of only $2.00!  I know, right?

 photo 8a66c633-0665-4ba2-ba8a-06f13faa662c_zpse7e09b04.jpg
So, two are on the wall on either side of the mirror and the other two are snuggled above the window with a white bunny and a candle, because you know we will probably break one!  I tucked some colorful paper in them, then took it out, then put it back in again.  'Just can't decide.
What do you think?
;-)  -Marci


  1. I like the colorful paper in them Marci! You could probably stick a votive in there too...but not with the paper. Duh.

    1. Oh, Danni! You made me laugh! I almost spit coffee on my keyboard! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. They are pretty good and the price was right.
    Merle......... ........... .........


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