Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Pickin' Time on 59

My sweet friend, Holli, of Holli's Hoots and Hollers , wrote the funniest post titled Gone Junkin' 2 Weeks in a Row YEEHAW! . You must see the photo she posts at the very bottom. It applies to every single female member of my family!  Especially these two gals...  ;-) 

(My sister on the right, our aunt on the left.)  When I was born, they were part of the welcoming committee!  I love them both very much. 

Last weekend we visited the northwest corner of Northwest Arkansas for Pickin' Time on 59.  What a fun day - even though the weather was tricky!  The wind was harsh and there was light drizzle.  No worries, though.  We were busy talking!
Some places were selling amazing antiques.  See my shopping buddies checking out the best deals?  Auntie found a wonderful cast iron bench at this stop!

There were lots of Autumn decor options mixed with our laughter.  I am definitely stealing some craft ideas on display!

We found school fundraisers, bake sales, glassware and giggles.  Lots of giggles.  There's something special about hanging with gals that have known you since birth.
I purchased both these cloches for only $5.00!  (Right now, they are in the butterfly garden!)

Jewelry...  Check it out!  It's interesting how Pickin' Time on 59 was part collectibles, part craft fair and part yard sales. 
What a fabulous mix!

More antiques along with more chit chat!

Tons of Halloween ideas...  Aren't these BOO buckets and blocks darling?!  Polka dots just make me smile!  Simple, yet spectacular!

The same vendor had this studded pumpkin paired with blackbirds!  'Great spooky, hip idea!  She was very sweet and told me she used to write a blog.  I encouraged her to begin again.  What a genius!  The rest of us need to see her creativity in action!

This jacket is my favorite buy for *GET THIS*  50 cents!  'Cute, huh?  Please give me ideas on how to style it.  This is pretty splashy for me!
It's a little embarassing to show you just how jam packed my car was, but we're all friends, right?

Can you see my sister organizing items?  It's a good thing my back seats can be lowered for more space!  The white basket - looking thing is a bassinette I bought for $20!  I know, right?

Please don't judge three crazy shoppers driving a small car!  ;-) 

Does it look like one of those clown cars?!  There were actually two more stops after this and we made purchases!  It was so funny.  We had to huddle and discuss where things would fit before we bought something!  My sister kept joking she was going to ride on top of the car!  Whew!  It's a good thing we stopped when we did.  We might have lost my sister on a corner!  ;-)   

Pickin' Time on 59 will definitely be an annual event for us.  Grab your favorite shoppin' buddies and join us next year! 

You'll be smiling when you remember the day!  Right, Holli?  ;-)  -Marci


  1. Oh what a fun day you girls had!! I have never heard of Pickin Time on 59. What a fun thing to do with cherished people!

    1. Highway 59 is a pretty rural area, but these small towns had WONDERFUL participation. I think the Chambers of Commerce will make it an annual event. Maybe you can join us next year? -Marci

  2. Wow!! Looks like so much fun. 50 cents for that coat? I thought I had it good here, but that's incredible. You definitely got some great things!!

    1. Hi, Jean! We were thrilled with all the bargains we found! -Marci

  3. I so want to go next year! Looks like you got some amazing things:))

  4. Great pics of shopping day! I am amazed at your hot pink coat for 50 cents - I think I'd belt it over jeans and boots and let it do the talking! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  5. What a fun time this must have been. Nothing like junkin' with family. :))

  6. Wow, what fun! I did not know there was anything like this near (or sort of near) us. Maybe next year we can go, it looks like so much fun! Just to see all the stuff would be worth the trip.
    That jacket is really pretty.

  7. on a market like this i would become a crazy shopper too! the 50cent jacket is fabulous. i love the pattern and i would pair it with a black demim or if available with black leather pants a white tee with imprint and a long scarf. thank you, marci, for your kind comment.

  8. Its Pickin Time!!! I am soooo bummed because i missed the highway sale that we have out here. It's on our Highway 80 out in east texas but i had already made plans to visit my grandma. I did stop at a few yard sales along the way and found some awesome stuff.
    It's all about the fun and the giggles for sure!! You're gonna be so sassy with that cute jacket. I want every one of those Halloween decorations. :)

  9. That chair with the face would spook me every time I saw it!

  10. What a great outing with 2 other special women! Love the jacket. I hve never been junkin' before, but now I want to go!


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