Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Don't you love baby showers!  There are so many darling little outfits!

This has been "The Year of The Girl" around here.  Everyone is having a girl! 
You've already seen the Tu Tu TutorialTu Tus  are always a big hit!  As are  Bandana Skirts !

 Here's my latest baby shower gift.

A leapord  bandana skirt  and matching  corsage / hair bow !  (Both tutorials are available on my "Sew 4 Baby" Page.

A black onesie and tights were purchased to complete the outfit.

Here's another look at the skirt ,

and the corsage !
It will be so fun to welcome a new member of the family all dressed in leopard!  Won't she be cute!
What's your favorite baby shower gift?  I'd love to hear about it!
;-)  -Marci



  1. Aww these are such cute ideas. I actually have friend wow's baby shower is coming up soon :)

    Found you threw the That Friday Hop

    Beauty Flawed

    1. Hi, Ashley! I'm so glad you found me! Baby showers are so sweet and exciting! Please tell us about your friend's shower! -Marci

  2. Oh that is so cute! I haven't been to a baby shower in a long time! Seems like all the babies are growing up now!

    1. Hello, Danni! Isn't it funny how it seems to cycle... Lots of babies one year, then not so many for a while? They all grow so quickly! -Marci

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Desirae! They are so quick to sew and always a hit at the shower! -Marci

  4. PRECIOUS!! I love that outfit. We have little baby boys in our family right now. I dont think they would be too happy if i put a tutu on them. LOL

    1. Hi, Holli! Thank you for the sweet comment. Too bad lil boys don't get to wear tu tus!! As far as boys go, I have a T-Shirt makeover into a little boys racing jumpsuit, but that's about it. -Marci


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