Saturday, September 21, 2013

We got a new clothes dryer.  Guess who likes the box?

 photo 44106609-ceed-4b19-a9b4-bc1831e29248_zpsa8359fbb.jpg
 photo fee2a6ed-5727-418d-abea-40fa9cc80bf6_zpsb487176c.jpg
 photo fc84f893-f7b6-4b9b-a079-5d032e90e1fb_zps6eda9a2d.jpg

 photo 80bef731-8a01-4ba1-9da0-f83fd9a4aa3b_zps0c31a783.jpg
;-)  -Marci


  1. Boxes are always a big hit with kids regardless the size of the box. If they have to roll up into little tiny balls to fit into the darn thing they will do it. If they can't fit in it they will wear it as a hat. I do declare I could go get a whole bunch of boxes from a store and they are far happier with them than they are the new toys that were in them.

  2. Some times the simplest toys are the best, aren't they. I remember when we moved we had tons of boxes and my kids made a village of sorts out of them. The fun went on for a long time too. Visiting via LOBS from another box loving mom at #6 in the link up.

  3. Kids love boxes, and they inspire so much imagination, get a bunch for Christmas.

  4. This made me laugh. My girls would Love a big box like that and it would entertain them for weeks! Thanks for sharing in We Made That Wednesday!


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