Friday, September 6, 2013

Bathroom Makeover: The Curtains and a few Accessories

About this time last year, I was publishing teaser posts about my bathroom makeover.  There was This Post about my trash can's Polka Dots and then I showed you photos of the total mess we were making as well as an interesting surprise.  Did you see my post about The Inspiration?
My bathroom makeover was actually complete last Fall, but I never got around to showing it!  OOPS!  We bloggers show everything, right?  ;-)  Since our bathroom faces the back yard, we love peeking out to see what the animals might be doing.
Here are the  cute little café curtains!
  Using black and white ruffle fabric, a casing was sewn at the top and the bottom was carefully trimmed.  Since ruffle fabric doesn't ravel, there is no need to hem the sides or the bottom.  This window is pretty deep, so I used small tension rods to hold the curtains in place as close to the glass as possible.  The window is right next to the tub.  (See the shower curtain?)  It's a handy spot to stash things for bath time.
Old mason jars were combined with new colorful bottles I purchased from At Home America.  (No, I was not paid for that link, but they have lots of pretty stuff.)  The jars and bottles hold the herbal bath salts, salves and lotions that I make for myself.

I like the vibrant colors against the black and white stripes.  What do you think?  I can't wait to show you other things around the room!
;-)  -Marci


  1. I love them too Marci - LOVE how the light filters through them - beautiful!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. The shower curtain looks great. The bottles are wonderful accent to the room. :)
    Orange and blue have my attention these days. Pat

  3. I love the colored bottles against the black and white! Really makes a nice focal point there :)

  4. You know I love it all, but what I love most is the bottles with the things you make yourself in them! They look so great with the stripes showing through too!

  5. Love black & white stripes!! These are so cute and the bottles are the perfect pop of color against them!! LOVE!

  6. I think this is really adorable! Found your blog on Raising Imperfection. Following on bloglovin now! xoxo


  7. I love the multi colored bottles. I never think about decorating in stripes.

    Thank you for hosting Raising Imperfection with us this week :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. I love the colors in front of the stripes too!

    I'm already a follower, but saw you co-hosting Raising Imperfection, so I came to wave hello. :)

  9. The colored glass is very pretty in the window, and I love the bit of openness that the cafe curtains give you.

  10. Very pretty, Marci! I love the ruffled fabric you used.

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden hop! : )

  11. I think the bottles are great! In case I can't get the Google account to work...this is Jamie from Jamie's Thots :)

  12. i love how the stripes curtains get mixed up with the lovely colored bottles! They look like a one big happy family :) perfect!


  13. I think its all really cute!! Thanks for sharing DIY Sunday Showcase!!


  14. Love it! I can't wait to decorate my new bathroom, just have to get the house first!

  15. I love the curtains. I recently remodeled my kitchen. I think I will paint some mason jars to go in my country kitchen. Thanks for the idea.
    Looking forward to seeing your post. New follower from
    Blackberry Winter Crafts. Donna L.

  16. I love the colored glass bottles. Thanks for linking up to #LOBS!

  17. Your bathroom curtains look great, Marci..


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