Friday, September 27, 2013

Inspiration Cafe' Day

The last Friday of each month, I get to be a contributor at Inspiration Cafe',  I still sport a big goofy grin as my post is emailed!
This month, I have a little drop cloth project that was inspired by Megin at VMG206.  Check out her Pinterest Board titled Drop Cloth Dreams!  Amazing! 
Another drop cloth inspiration for me is Aimee at Twigg Studios,   Take a look at her Tutorials Page!  'Love!
I am totally hooked on sewing with drop cloths!  The raw texture is very appealing to me in this old rock farm house!  I also appreciate the heavy weight of the fabric.
A word of warning about them though.  They do shrink.  Make sure you wash and dry them before sewing anything.  Also, they seem kind of stiff at first.  Depending on your project, though, stiff can be a good thing.  If you wash them a couple of times, they are soft and lovely! 

 photo 1f59fc9a-0e18-446e-ae34-ed791d7f94b1_zpsb78bded7.jpg

So, please join me at Inspiration Cafe',  Today's project is super easy and seriously cool!  Come back here for more drop cloth inspiration!  So far, I have completed three projects with them and there are a couple more buzzing around my head!

;-)  -Marci


  1. I don't sew, but congrats to you for finishing three projects! =0)

  2. Love it Marci! We love that you are a contributor and share your awesome projects!


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