Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wet Bags Save the Day

Monsters, Inc is a movie our family can watch over and over again.  Our favorite line is when Mr. Waternoose says, "There is nothing more toxic and deadly than a human child!"

What is one of the most difficult challenges about parenting?  Those beautiful, angelic babies are capable of launching projectile missiles.  Wet, gooey, almost always sticky weapons of mass gross-ocity.  Who knows what might happen in a restaurant?!

 photo 93506955-ea77-4995-9e7e-842be4fe6881_zps5ae91146.jpg

These PUL wet bags just might save the day!  I've made four sizes.

 photo 9bce947d-328e-4115-a2cb-3730e06d5a09_zpsa7cb70a5.jpg

 Here is the "Story Hour" wet bag in two styles.  It would hold one cloth diaper, a bib and maybe a shirt.  

 photo 336f1238-372a-445e-a832-ede4ae21b6f8_zps9922bbec.jpg
The next version is "Running Errands".  You know those days when you're gone for about half a day?  This wet bag would easily hold two or three cloth diapers and a baby size outfit. 

 photo cdc4abb2-cf00-446d-aced-ea99282f36ea_zps57dcf5c2.jpg

And here we have the "Oh, My Word".  As in "Oh, my word!  How can one sweet kiddo be so disgusting?!"  This wet bag will hold a couple of cloth diapers, an entire baby outfit, plus your outfit, along with the apron from that nice waitress who was admiring your sweetheart just before The Launch

 photo af0f891e-4641-4eb8-9441-6bb73fdb710a_zps0a92dc9b.jpg
Honestly!  Where does all that nasty stuff come from? 

Oh, well.  Messes happen.  Just shove the missile and any attached garments into your wet bag. 

 photo 07ff2e9f-57de-446e-88b8-e686a52eb758_zps03733c21.jpg

Wash it all when you get home and hug your lil cutie pie!  

(These wet bags were sewn into four different sizes of a basic zippered pouch using one layer of PUL - water resistent fabric. Don't leave home without one!)

;-)  -Marci


  1. Love the idea of a wet bag and the fabric is so pretty...but what is PUL? (I'm clueless.)

  2. Thank you for the question, Danni! I'll edit the post. PUL is water resistent fabric, but is soft and 'breathes' when against your skin. It's generally used for making cloth diaper covers. -Marci

  3. These are fabulous! What a great idea.. wish I had had some of these when the mini hippos were super mini. The fabrics are adorable too!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  4. These are fabulous! I love wet bags and these are adorable! Jealous of your ability to sew.

  5. I so could have used something like this a month ago when my son threw up on me in the grocery store. Oh! So gross! Great idea.

  6. Pretty and nice idea. In my day, that's what everyone carried a diaper bag for. It was what people my age would say as standard operating procedure. Then somewhere along the line young mothers stop going places prepared...not sure why. I'd be a rich women if I could count all the times I've been around when a young mother would say, she or he's crying cause they're hungry (hello don't you have a bottle with you), or they're wet (hello didn't you bring a change of diapers with you), or they throw a diaper in their purse which get's nasty and then use it anyway on the baby and ask you where to throw the diaper out (hello, you roll it up carefully and put it in your bag and throw it out at one here wants to smell it).

    Gees.....sorry bit of a rant. I could truly write some stories. Hope you sell lots of these, but first you need to get mothers to realize their suppose to go prepared. I've been told a bib is a thing of the past. Guess when you don't care how messy your child looks and or money is no object so you change clothes all day long instead of using a big...........


  7. we love our wet bags! I can't make my own, but we really like the planetwise bags

  8. What a great idea Marci! These would come in VERY handy with my little one. Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  9. Brilliant - definitely need multiple sizes!

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower, Alice x


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