Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Danni of Silo Hill Farm

You can't tell it by looking at me, but I am an angel.  Yup... I am one of Rosie's Blog Angels.  It is such a blessing to be an Angel.

The idea which I love is to help another blog, expecting nothing in return. Our world needs more of that, don't you think? Being kind and generous just for the sake of grace and mercy. Here's what really happens though. Being an angel becomes more about friendship than blogging. I choose a blog to help and start reading posts in hopes of getting to know this person. I try what they are trying, leave encouraging comments, hop over to blogs they recommend...  It only take a little while for a new friendship to begin.

Danni at Silo Hill Farm truly is The Cleverest of The Clever!  Here's how she describes her blog: You'll find it's mostly about crafting, with a few recipes, DIY and other things sprinkled in. I'm lucky enough to live in the country, so every now and then I like to post about what goes on here at the farm. I am constantly amazed by the amount of creativity that I see in the blogging world and I hope I can inspire your creative genius in some way. Thank you for inspiring mine!

You love her already, don't you?  Once you visit her blog, you'll want to hang out there all the time! 

You have to see Danni's Interchangeable Sign !  It is so cool!  I love how Danni recycles her Basic Wreath Form, too!  I tried to make her wreath form, so I could write about it, but mine is ugly.  Her instructions are so simple, I've got to try this again.  Maybe I'm using the wrong kind of burlap?  Any advice?  Danni, can you come over?

 photo 1ce6cd10-830e-4b50-aaa9-16b1d2684cf6_zps0415942e.jpg
My first angel gig was with Holli of  Holli's Hoots and Hollers .  Let's take this Blog Angel post over to Tunes on Tuesday.
In honor of the friendships created by  Rosie's Blog Angels , my song for this lovely Spring day is What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.   

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and friendship! 

 photo de2e316f-6a66-4bac-b7f1-3d653b2c74ef_zps70f5f150.jpg

;-)  -Marci


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I love Danni and her blog! She is an angel for sure! A crazy angel, but still an angel all the same.

  2. Oh Marci! You are the sweetest friend AND angel a blogger could have!....and I'm a lucky girl!

  3. So many great friendships are created through blogging and Danni is no exception. She's been my angel as soon as she "discovered" me and I'm so thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way! The blogging community is truly awesome!

  4. What a wonderful world indeed! Louis is the best.

  5. It is such a rewarding idea to be a blog angel, right? You are really an awesome person for taking part!

  6. What a Wonderful World was my wedding song so I have a soft spot for it whenever I hear it :)

  7. I am glad that you had fun and what a happy post - you seem to have a real Spring in your step too - or your writing at least.

    Thank you for taking part again.

    Rosie xo

  8. I used to sing this with my dad as a youngster. He adored Louis music so it holds dear to me too!

  9. [Oh Marci, you know I love Danni but I ruined one of her projects too, badly and I loved hers so much. Give it another go :) It's been lovely Spring weather here but sadly not today!


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