Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My New Curtains

Have you met Aimee at Twigg Studios?  I love what this gal can do with a drop cloth!  Check out THESE curtains!
Their texture is just perfect for my ol' rock farmhouse!  Inspired, I grabbed a drop cloth and went to work!  Since stripes are so trendy, that's what I tried.

Our living room and dining room are all in the same room.  One large window faces the street and the other one faces our garden that is a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat.  So...  The curtains are not exact matches which totally works for me.

I began by measuring the windows and divided that number by three.  The top third of the curtain is drop cloth fabric, while the bottom is striped fabric found at a yard sale!  The two pieces of fabric were sewn together with right sides facing and hemmed.  A two inch casing was added to the top.

We love watching the guests in our wildlife garden, so those curtains are usually tied back! 
The other window faces a pretty busy street.  'Gotta be honest here.  When I am in my living room, I'm not necessarily dressed.  (TMI?)  So, these curtains remain closed at all times!  This curtain is solid all the way across the window.
Again, I took the measurement of the window and divided by three.  The top 1/6 of the curtain is drop cloth fabric with a two inch casing.  There is also a strategically placed stripe of drop cloth fabric near the center, just in case my neighbors can see through the striped fabric.  The rest of the curtain is stripes.
My old curtains were pretty dated and getting kind of scruffy.  I love the new look!  OK!  Let's hear it!  What do you think of my new curtains?
Drop cloths have become my latest sewing addiction.  Did you see my Drop Cloth Dish Towels?   
 photo 14af6ea5-2c81-443c-b265-0a002395eceb_zpsf5caa581.jpg
  Have you created anything with drop cloths?  I'll enable your sewing addictions if you'll enable mine!
;-)  -Marci


  1. These are awesome!! I love the stripes.

  2. Those turned out really nice! I have never used drop cloth's before, but I may consider it the next time I need curtains.

  3. I love your stripes! Glad you put up a single curtain on the front one if you're going to be running around in your birthday suit!

  4. Wow, they look great! as if they were bought that way... I've not tried drop cloth projects yet. Still on my to-make list ;-) Your dish cloth is also very pretty.

  5. I'm going to cover my couch with a drop cloth or two (when I get the money....I'm broke at the moment). Regular slip covers don't quite fit right. I love your curtains. I just have lace in the front and I run around in underwear, but I think you can only see shadows because of my porch/entry roof. lol

  6. These are awesome- thank-you so much for sharing this!!! I have yet to outfit my house with curtains as I just couldn't find something that I not only liked, but could afford. :) I'm inspired!


  7. Hi Marci,
    I just adore your new curtains! I featured them on my Pink hippo party.. hope you stop by and check it out @
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  8. This is awesome and I love the solid colour. Thanks for joining 4 seasons blog hop. Pin and cheers.

  9. I need quite a few curtains this would be a lot cheaper! They look fantastic

  10. Love the stripes, Marci!!! And a great idea to combine them with the drop cloth fabric.


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