Saturday, October 26, 2013

Freaking Awesome Feature!

Have you visited Mellywood's Mansion lately?  Do you know Mel is now hosting Freaking Awesome Fridays Link Party?

Mellywoods Mansion

The party just started.  Be fashionably late and go link something!  If it's been one of those weeks and you don't have anything cool, Mel also has a section for disasters!  How funny!

My Sewing a Zebra Hat post was featured this week! 

I just get so giddy if someone features my humble little blog!  Thank you, Mel!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Mel is so awesome! That zebra hat is as cute as it's model! The maker is a pretty clever girl!

  2. Oh Marci thanks for the shout out, feature totally deserved!

  3. Marci,
    Thanks for your visit! The little ponds from the Dollar Tree are like mirrors but not as clear but the store does have mirrors for candles and exactly what you said you wanted to use them for. They are in the Candle aisle in the Dollar Tree...What i just bought but did not put in the post was a darling ceramic Christmas Shade for the jar candles. Our Dollar Tree just got them in and they are very pretty!!



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