Monday, January 28, 2013

Something Old, Something New...

This time of year always finds me a little sentimental.  Handsome Husband and I will celebrate our 27th Anniversary soon!  Twenty - Seven Years!  Our winter wedding color was evergreen.  I carried white and champagne roses mixed with dark ivy.  The Groom wore a black tuxedo. 

Wedding_cropped photo Wedding_cropped_zpsbeb09c42.jpg

As our guest bedroom was re - vamped for winter, the wedding was on my mind.  So a couple of toss pillows were created!  His and Hers!

bedroommakeover002_zpsdb748126 photo bedroommakeover002_zpsdb748126-1_zps78595c1a.jpg
 Let me tell you about the fabric...  Have you noticed the fleece blankets that are EVERYWHERE just before Christmas?  I found a dark green one on sale for * get this *  $2.00.  That's the fabric I used!  Everything else was already on hand. 
Using this pattern from Noodlehead, a couple of envelope pillow covers were sewn for 16 inch forms. 

His Pillow photo HisPillow_zpsa566dacc.jpg

His pillow is very simple.  Four pieces of tulle were cut 7 inches long.  A black ribbon was cut slightly shorter.  Using the longest stitch on my sewing machine, the ribbon and tulle were stacked on top of each other and sewn down the center.  The seam was gathered just a bit and all the layers were fluffed.  I tacked a black ribbon all the way around the cover and added the "bow tie" just a smidge off center. 

Her Pillow photo HerPillow_zpsac32cb4d.jpg

Her pillow is a series of rose accessories in different sizes tacked together to form a bouquet.

The two made with eyelet and soft yellow lace were sewn following  Chubby Fasionista's Rose Accessory tutorial.  The larger rose follows the same tutorial, but I used two fabrics.  The outer fabric is white, while the inner fabric is white with yellow and blue flowers scattered here and there. 

The large ruffle to the left is actually some kind of vintage crocheted lace.  I found it when we were shopping Yards N Yards of Yard Sales .  It was in a sandwich bag with other lace.  I think someone must have had a lovely pillow case with it on the end.  It looks like the pillow case was cut to keep the lace.  Anyhoooo, I was afraid to cut the gorgeous lace, so using my longest stitch on the machice, a seam was sewn AWAY from the vintage lace!  The seam was gathered as tightly as possible without harming anything. 

bedroommakeover002_zpsdb748126 photo bedroommakeover002_zpsdb748126-1_zps78595c1a.jpg

I love the end result!  His and Hers.  Twenty-seven years.  My goodness, how time flies! 

I'd love to hear what you think about my project!  How would you interpret your wedding into pillows?  I'd love to hear all about that, too! 

Happy sewing, Sweet Friends!  ;-)  -Marci


  1. 27 years! Yay and congrats! Those pillows are the cutest and you know I love the great find on the fleece blanket! I have to laugh at your question..."How would you interpret you wedding into pillows?", since Sam and I got married at the courthouse...on our lunch hour!!! 23 years for us!

  2. I LOVE these!!! Maybe when we meet up i'll bring my sewing machine and we can make a set for me. :)
    27 years is amazing! congratulations and to many more. You look so beautiful Marci. You're husband is handsome and so lucky to have you.
    Love you!

  3. Oh and i guess an interpretation of my wedding would be colors orange and silver and maybe a Harley on them. lol

  4. Awww...congratulations on 27 years! How wonderful and exciting :) I love the pillows - so cute and creative!
    My sweet husband and I will celebrate 6 years in May :)


  5. 27 years...Amazing! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!
    OMG - $2 blanket? What a steal! The pillows are awesome.

  6. I love the idea of his and hers throw pillows!!! And what a steal $2.00 was!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary & Congrats - 27 years!!
    God bless

  8. WOW! Congrats on 27 years! I hope someday I get there :)
    Those pillows are great, I love the idea of "his" and "hers".

    Ali @

  9. What a sweet idea and so well done! Congrats on 27 years and still loving.

  10. What a great idea. Congrats on 27 years! We just celebrated 23 so we are a bit behind you...although we were married on Dec 29 so I've gotta say winter weddings are the best!

  11. What a fantastic celebration. 27 years of marriage just doesn't happen. It takes work. Congratulations & I love your wedding picture, it's a beautiful happy moment.

  12. What a darling couple! Sweet!!! Thanks for sharing this with us! Linda

  13. Thank you so much Marci for sharing this lovely post on my blog & shop hop - I just love that picture of you & your husband.
    Thanks again
    PS - I also love your new background picture

  14. What a sweet couple you two are! Love the pillows too.

  15. Congratulations! 27 years is quite an accomplishment these days!

    Your pillows are a lovely reminder of that special day. My husband and I got married at the courthouse which was NOT romantic at all. Maybe I could make pillows with pictures of handcuffs on them? ;)


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