Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory

Chubby Fashionista...  How do we love thee?  Let me count the ways.  We love holding you.  We love your sweet smile.  We love playing "Dress Up" with you as our model!  You are so beautiful!
Does your sweetheart need some accessories?  This is a great one!  It can be used as a bow, or as a corsage or as a belt buckle.  Chubby Fashionistas should beware.  Big girls like these, too!  The Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory might be borrowed by several ladies in the family!

Here's what you need: 

The strip of bandana cut from the Chubby Fashionista Bandana Skirt (It will be about 4" x 22".)
Two Small Circles of Felt or Fleece
Thread that matches or contrasts with the bandana fabric
1 Button that matches or contrasts bandana fabric
1 Diaper Pin with Safety Closure
Sewing Machine
Hot Glue Gun

Cut the fabric in half lengthwise. 
With right sides facing, sew narrow end together making a strip of fabric about 2 inches by about 44 inches. 
Fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise and press.  Sew near the raw edge using the longest stitch on your sewing machine.  Do not back stitch.  This is how the fabric is gathered.     
The next step can take a little patience.  Tie off the threads on one end of the seam.  On the other end, gently pull the bobbin thread one direction and the fabric the other direction.  The fabric will begin to gather. 

Keep tugging on the bobbin thread and fabric until the strip of fabric is gathered from end to end.  Tie off the threads.  Clip any loose threads.   
I use a small circular pack of needles to cut the circles of fleece.  Use whatever works for you.  The circles need to be about two inches across.   

Beginning on the outside edge and using a straight stitch, sew the gathered fabric onto one of the fleece circles.  Go slowly. 
Make a few stitches, then with the needle down, lift the sewing machine foot and turn the fabric.  Be careful.  Did I say to go slowly?  Once the outside edge is covered, move the gathered fabric toward the middle and continue to sew carefully.  Overlap the inner ruffle with the raw edge of the outer ruffle.  Make a few stitches, then with the needle down, lift the sewing machine foot and turn the fabric.  Continue to the center. 

Here's a look at the front and back. 
If you like it the way it is, you can skip the next step.  Add a cool button to the center, then hot glue the second circle of fleece onto the back.

Add the Safety Clasp Diaper Pin and you're finished!  We like using the diaper pin so the Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory can be used as either a corsage, a bow or a belt buckle.  Watch out for the borrowers! These are a great accessory for everyone!
Play dress up with your favorite fashionista!  Here's a Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory with a Chubby Fashionista Bandana Skirt.  Aren't they just darling!
The best part though is seeing it on your little sweetheart!  Here's our Chubby Fashionista in zebra.  Isn't she gorgeous! 
Today, this post is headed over to the link party at Mine For the Making.  'Lots of great stuff over there.  Please take a look!  


  1. Oh, wow! There is an awesome link party happening at Creation Corner:!

    I couldn't resist linking up!

  2. Looks fabulous and a great way to use up scraps of fabric!!! Easy to follow tutorial, too.

  3. This is fantastic, didn't realise how easy they are to make. Thanks for sharing, I am going to have to make a bunch for my almost 8 year old daughter, she keeps "borrowing" my store bought flower accessories which I can never seem to find ever since, it's just too expensive to keep buying them when she misplaces them. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial :)

    Just stopping by, seen you at Whatever you want Wednesday linky party and thought I would say hi.
    hope you can return the visit sometime soon :)


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