Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waiting For a Train

Recently, while travelling, I stopped in a charming Missouri town.  My plan was to fill my car's tank with some gasoline and maybe grab a snack for myself.  Like many midwest towns, there are train tracks right across main street.  This particular day a train was on the tracks and wasn't moving.  The train was just stopped.  No train engine could be heard.  It was just sitting there.  The gas station is on the other side of the train from me. 
I am on the wrong side of the tracks.  Do you ever feel that way?  On the wrong side of the tracks?  There's a big fat obstacle between you and your destination and it just makes you feel grouchy.   

Looking under the train, I could see a motorcycle.  It kind of felt like the motorcycle was taunting me.  The gas station is right over there next to it.  The motorcycle rider is probably enjoying his snack.
At first the situation was exasperating.  I was looking around my car in frustration and there was my camera.  Hmmm...  My camera.  Perhaps there is something interesting, beautiful, or amusing nearby.  Hmmmm...  Maybe I can find some joy!  
At first, pictures were snapped out my car window.  Here's the railroad crossing and the train.  Red blinking lights make me think of Christmas decorations.  Check out the pretty colors in this store's display window.   

Then I snapped some pictures out my car's sun roof.  There were these interesting old building all around me.  Some were in better condition than others. 

There's duct tape on the fire hydrant.  Hmm...  'Wonder what happened there. 

At this point, I am hoping the train hangs out for a while.  I kind of like waiting for a train.  Why do I hurry and rush so much?

Stepping out of the car, this sign catches my eye.  I'm not sure why this upside down sign cracks me up, but it does.  It made me think of the circus.  Have you ever been to the circus and there are performers that don't walk into the spotlight, they tumble and cart wheel and flip into the spot light?  This sign made me wonder what it would be like if we all stopped walking, and started cart wheeling, flipping and tumbling.   

Then this nice pedestrian starts talking to me.  She was a sweetheart.  Don't you love nice pedestrians that share their day with you?  I wondered if she could do cart wheels, but wasn't sure how to ask.  She said it was OK to take her picture, but she didn't want to smile.  Can you see her sweet spirit? 
  We heard the train engine start, so I hopped back in my car. 

On to my destination... 

I have to wonder if life is about destinations or obstacles.  This particular day, it was about an obstacle.  A big, fat, charming obstacle filled with joy. 

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  1. I love how you found the joy in this situation that would make some big city dwellers punch their cell phones!

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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