Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chubby Fashionista Christmas Cape

Would you like to know what Chubby Fashionista wears to church on Christmas morning?  Let me show you.  A humongus feather bow and a winter white cape covering a cream and gold dress. 
Doesn't she have the prettiest eyes and the cutest nose? 
Would you like a tutorial for the Chubby Fashionista Christmas Cape?  Here is your supply list:

1 Old Sweater
About 1 yard of 2 inch Ribbon
Sewing machine
OK.  So I've had this winter white boucle' sweater for a couple of years.  It had been a favorite, but now I'm just kind of tired of it.  The sweater had been washed several times so it is all kinds of soft.  Hmmm...  It's always fun to sew things for Chubby Fashionista!  She makes everything look good! 

Start by laying it flat on a Christmas quilted bed.  I like that the bottom of the sweater is already kind of swingy.
I decide to cut the sweater just above the swingy part.  My plan is to use the couple inches above the swingy part to gather the cape and add a ribbon tie. 
 Here is the sweater after cutting. 
I sewed a straight line using my longest sewing machine stitch with the hope of gathering the top part of the sweater.
The boucle' was just too poofy to gather that way, so on to Plan B.  Using a one inch ruler, I pleated the top part of the cut sweater.  I had to do this on the machine.  My straight pins were no match for the poofiness of the boucle'. 
It was nice to have the straight seam there, as I used it for a stitching guide.  Using the ruler, I would measure a one inch pleat and stitch it about halfway.  With the needle down to hold everything in place, I would measure another one inch pleat and sew it halfway.  I kept repeating this until it was pleated all the way across.  
It felt like a tedious process, only sewing about one inch at a time, but here is the swingy part of the sweater with pleats.  I love that there will be lots of sweater fabric for snuggling our gorgeous little girl. 
Next, I sewed a two inch ribbon over the pleating.  I kept it low enough so that only soft sweater will be against Chubby Fashionista's neck.  
So, here is our stand in model that will actually hold still while photos are being taken! 
 I'm thrilled with the end result! 
Why, yes, of course, I will post the tutorial for Chubby Fashionista's Hat !
I know.  I know.  Bring out the real Chubby Fashionista!  Here she is...  ready for church on Christmas morning!

I hope your Christmas morning was filled with joy!


  1. She is beautiful in her cape! Thanks for sharing!

  2. If only the gals at the Kentucky Derby could look so stylin'!

  3. Very Cute!One of the best sweater re-fashions I've seen.

  4. Beautiful! You are so creative! And how wonderful to have such a "fashionista" to create for :0)

  5. What CUTIE! Great job on the cape too!

    What a fun idea!

    Would love to have you by for a visit!

    ~Abbie (www.fivedaysfiveways.com)

  6. Thank you! We love how sassy she is. Perhaps it is genetic? ;-) *wink* Sassy seems to run in the family!

  7. She is adorable! Put a cute baby baby on as a preview and I'll always click over :D She looks so warm and snuggly. I love a good repurpose tutorial.

  8. The cape is so cute! It looks warm and comfy.

  9. Oh what a doll! I LOVE that cape! Thanks for the tutorial and linking up with me!

  10. What a beautiful model you have! I love her cape.
    :) gwingal


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