Saturday, January 12, 2013

Liebster Award Nominations ;-)

It's so exciting to be nominated for The Liebster Award!  I am over-the-moon happy about being honored twice in one week with the same award! 

Thank you to:
Tracyann @ Crochet Happy

Curious about The Liebster, I did a little research and found multiple buttons along with multiple sets of rules.  Here is what they all seem to have in common.
"Liebster" means "favorite".

This award is meant to highlight small blogs.  "Small" appears to be less than 200 followers.  The blogger receiving the award links back to the blogger who awarded him/her, and then recognizes his/her favorite small blogs. For those I am about to award, I should also point out there is no obligation to continue this award. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t worry.

The value behind this award is for us to get to know other bloggers who have a lot to share.  So, this could also be called

Favorite Small Blog Award

My Liebster Nominees:
Karen @ Bargainista

  Karen has inspired me to join her in a couple of challenges.  The first is to choose a cookbook and make every single recipe.  The second is to choose a craft book and complete every single pattern!
Vikki @  Wallis Farm's Daily Walk 

Being from a hunting family and marrying into a hunting family, I really appreciate Vikki's venison recipes!  There are also functional DIY projects to be found on this blog.  You've got to see her pantry!
Melissa @ The Real McCoys

Because Melissa keeps it REAL!  The post about "Ugly Pictures" made me laugh so loud, I startled my dog!  This is definitely a tradition I would like to begin with our family.

Will you please visit these Liebster Award Winners?  They just might become some of your favorites, too!
;-)  -Marci



  1. I'll do it! Love finding a fun new blog!

  2. Funny how the awards always seem to "strike twice" ;-) Have to check out the blogs you nominated, it's always interesting to see what others are reading! =)

  3. New follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop!

    Congrats on the awards, it's great to get recognized for all the work that goes into a blog! Off to check off your nominees.


  4. Yay! :) I'm linking this one up on the post where I nominated you!

    Refashion Co-op
    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Angel Light Photography by Helen
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog
    The Story of Us: Love...Forever & Always

  5. Thanks for the nomination, how sweet of you. I figured most people would think my UGLY post was weird :)

  6. Congrats on the Liebster Award (twice)! =0)

  7. Congratulations, it is well-deserved! I'll check those other blogs out.
    Hope you are well, dear friend. I am getting there, feeling much better today, woohoo!!


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