Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Color of Winter

The colors of Spring are so vibrant.  Do you think we would appreciate them as much without the greys and taupes of winter?  The cold sky is crimson and the soil is at rest. 

Our guest bedroom was recently revamped on a cold Winter's eve inspired by the colors of these quiet, dark months.  (For other guest room posts, click  here and there.)


The color palette is very subdued with touches of white and just a nod to Valentine's Day. 


Our winter wedding color was evergreen.  The flower arrangements held ivy mixed with roses that were champagne and white.  My groom wore a black tuxedo.  Interpreting our wedding into throw pillows made my heart smile.  ;-)    Click HERE for the pillow talk!  ;-)

Grow Old With Me

This will be the twenty-seventh time I've celebrated Valentine's Day with Handsome Husband.  I so hope we will have at least twenty-seven more!


Sleds have been pulled from their dusty hiding places.  Perhaps they will be tugged along with the laughter of children this winter.

 Wedding photos and love birds have snuggled into a shelf with a bouquet of white roses.


An evergreen shimmers with frost and reflects the sunrise.

Frosty Evergreen

What color is winter to you?  Does it make you think of ivy, wedding bells and white roses?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I love the colors of winter. Gray and silver, evergreen and red, the morning dawns purple.

  2. Winter colors make me think of fresh linen, crisp air, quiet walks in the woods and hot soup! I do wish we were seeing more white this winter. Sure could use the nitrogen!


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