Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yards n Yards of Yard Sales

Each year the lovely town of Eureka Springs hosts Yards and Yards of Yard Sales on the first weekend in August.  It is becoming a tradition for us!  This year four of us were able to go.   

These gals are great shopping buddies! It was such a fun day!  From left to right, my sister, our aunt, our dear friend who might as well be our aunt, and me.  (Yes, I'm wearing the Tank Top remade from a T-Shirt!  It is paired with denim shorts, amethyst jewelry and black sandals.)

This is our first stop, a great antique store in Clifty.  There were antiques inside and yard sale wares in the shed and barn. 

We left my house around 8:00 am.  It takes about an hour to drive to Eureka Springs from here.

There are yard sales all over town.  The funny thing is we kept seeing people that we already knew! 

This is Evelyn.  She may be the godliest woman I will ever know.  I just love her to pieces! 

OK.  OK.  I'll show you what I bought!  You're gonna love it!  All of it! 

Brown Jacket for $1.00

Styled with a cream cami, leopard corsage I made (for the corsage tute, click  HERE  ) and a tiger eye necklace made by my friend, Melissa.  Oh, yeah and brown reading glasses.  Pretend you do not see the white denim shorts please.  Ahem!

Black Cordoroy Jacket for $2.00  Also the necklace with matching earrings AND bracelet for $0.50

Here they are styled with a wonderful scarf and frameless reading glasses.  Hmmm...  I actually like the white denim shorts in that picture.  This fashion show was supposed to be above the shorts.  It is still REALLY hot here even though I am modeling Fall jackets! 

T-Shirt for $2.00  You know this will be another T-Shirt Makeover, right?  It's a pretty heavy weight cotton and super long.  I love it!  Give me your ideas on how to re-style it! 

Then we stopped at a church yard sale and met the most delightful 91 year old woman!  She was such a joy, I actually just plopped myself onto a chair next to her and had the sweetest visit.  She told me she no longer sews clothing, only lap blankets for the veterans hospital.  Her table was full of seriously cool fabric. 

I bought these two pieces.  The orange one on the left was $1.00 for 1.5 yards.  The polka dot was $2.00 for 2.5 yards.  Look at them closer.  Aren't they amazing?!  'Not sure what to make with it.  Any suggestions? 

I also purchased a sandwich bag filled with lace.  It looks like there are about three yards each of four different types of lace! 

This lovely woman was wearing a fabulous purple scarf.  She told me purple is now her favorite color and she was selling several scarves, too.  I grabbed two!  They were $0.25 each. 

Here's one with the brown jacket.  The other one is perfect for my purse! 

Perfect!  Don't you just adore the color?!  I do! 

Shimmery Gold Shoes for $1.00

They are a great color!  'Sort of beige, sort of gold with a slight shimmer.  

Cute bows!

After lunch at Sparky's we went downtown to find some AC and, well, fudge!  A bank's digital thermometer flashed 104 degrees!  EESH!

In one of the nice little shops with AC, I found these Fit Flops!  They are smokin' hot!

Gray with amazing ruffles on top!  I love Fit Flops and haven't found them lately.  So, these were not yard sale price, but they were on sale!  ;-)

So, I feel like I am WAY AHEAD on Fall Shopping! 

 It was such a fun day!  If you ever have a chance to go to Yards and Yards of Yard Sales in Eureka Springs, grab your favorite shopping buddies and go! 

Thank you for sharing my Yard Sale Success with me!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  ;-)  -Marci 


  1. OMG I am very envious I so love what you got from the yard sale. Can not beat the price and they look good! ^_^ Thanks for the visit!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I feel really good about my purchases! -Marci

  3. Yes, I adore that scarf! So strange, but I just bought a rust colored one and decided to put it on my purse today, and the color of my purse is similar to yours! So weird, but not really I guess. Somehow, all of us style bloggers are connected! :-)

    1. How funny that we found similar items! I am lovin' the yellow trend for Fall! -Marci

  4. That was a *serious* yard sale, Marci! Looks like tons of fun, and you shopped for Fall very well. Love the jewelry, and scarves for a quarter cannot be beat : >

  5. Hi, Patti! The whole town is having a yard sale on the same weekend! It is almost overwhelming how many there are! We had a blast! -Marci

  6. Marci,

    I found you blog through another one that I follow. I have been following for couple of months now and love it here. Today upon reading this blog post I have realized that we may live the same county here in Arkansas. It's funny how small this world is sometimes. Thanks for sharing all of the yard sale pics!


    1. How cool is that?! Maybe we can get together some time! -Marci

  7. Great finds! I love the brown jacket and the scarves.

  8. Hm, I'm wondering if these sales would be worth the drive from where I live. I love the orange fabric you found and the ruffly sit flops.

    1. The whole town -and surrounding areas- are having a yard sale. It's a lot of fun! We would love to have you! -Marci

  9. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

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  10. Yay for fun yard sale treasures!!! Looks like you had a fun time and gots lots of goodies!!!

    1. Hi, Jocelyn! Thank you for visiting! We love it when a WHOLE TOWN has a yard sale! -Marci

  11. What great finds.. and deals! I just love the first jacket and those ruffly sandals are lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

    1. Hello, Amie! I love starting the week with your Pink Hippo Party! -Marci

  12. Hello I'm in Malaysia...I luv fitflop the dark blue you still have stock for dark blue color...

    1. Hello and Welcome! The Fit Flops were purchased at Wild Blue Yonder in Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA. I found a website for them - They had several in stock when we were there. I LOVE FIT FLOPS!! ;-) -Marci

  13. Sounds like a Great Time and Great Finds:) I have always wanted to go on the "Worlds Longest Yard Sale" the 127 Corridor Sale but I would have to rent a trailer to bring home everything I would buy~ lol~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  14. Your yard sale adventures sound fun! I have yet to see a yard sale around the Sanger/Denton, Texas area... Kinda a bummer, really. Thinking about that World's Longest Yard Sale, too, which I've seen written about in Romantic Homes magazine for several years... Road trip!

    Great finds, btw, though I know it has been a few years,
    Barb :)


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