Friday, August 3, 2012

Terra Studios

Terra Studios (16 Miles Southeast of Fayetteville on Hwy 16)

In a tiny kingdom not so far, far away, lives a troll… several trolls actually. And a dragon.

If you love all things fantastical, you might consider visiting Terra Studios. It was established near Durham, Arkansas in 1975 by Leo and Rita Ward. Leo is a glass artisan known for the Original Bluebird of Happiness. Rita creates magical creatures with clay. They, their children and their grandchildren have brought the grounds to life.

Near the Mural Garden, two of the Ward grandsons built a labyrinth using rocks from the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks. I love the Sculpture Garden and the serene view from the arbor swing beside the pond. Our grandson loves the throne chair. Even though our children are now adults, they rush to visit the hidden throne room remembered from their younger days. It seems there is always a new whimsical discovery.
And a Bluebird of Happiness.  There are lots of those! 

They live alongside a terrarium that was built to house endangered species from other worlds. I’m not sure how many times we have been to Terra Studios. It rests in a quiet Ozark valley that flows with creativity. Visitors can explore the Pottery House and watch skilled glassworkers in the Bluebird House. 

For more info, their website is  Share in their joy!  ;-)  -Marci

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