Sunday, August 26, 2012

T-Shirt Makeover Corsage

This tutorial was promised a  l o n g  time ago and goes with the  T-Shirt to Tank Top Tute  !  It is a great way to use T-Shirt Scraps from all your T-Shirt Makeovers. 
Mine are all listed on the  Projects 4 Me  page of my blog.

You need: 

T-Shirt Fabric Scraps in Two Colors
Fleece or Felt Scrap
1 Button
2 or 3 Flower Patterns
(I used Mini Cookie Cutters for the pattern)
Sharp Scissors
A Pencil or Chalk
Grandma's Thimble

I'm using white T-Shirt fabric and custom dyed purple.  (Click HERE for the custom dye job tutorial.)

Begin by tracing your flower patterns on the T-Shirt scraps and cutting them.  I used the cookie cutters for the largest and smallest flowers, but needed a middle size.  I laid the smallest cookie cutter on the fabric and traced it pretty big to get the middle flower size. 
Cut 6 flowers in each size. 
I cut four white and two purple then layered
two white,
one purple,
one white,
one purple,
one white.

Using a plastic bottle cap for a pattern, I cut 2 small circles from the fleece scrap. 
Here is everything cut with the patterns used.

I sewed the largest set of layered fabric flowers to the fleece circle. See how I just made a quick circle with the sewing machine? 

This could be done by hand, too.  The stitches are pretty close to the center of the flowers.  I want the edges to be fluffy, but don't want the bottom layers of fabric to overtake the smaller layers. 

The medium size flowers were arranged the same as the large ones. 
2 white,
1 purple
1 white
1 purple
1 white
as well as the smallest flowers.

With a regular needle and thread along with my grandmother's thimble, the layers were stitched on top along with the button.  If you want the back to be nice and tidy, hot glue the second fleece circle to the back. 

After a quick fluff, it was pinned!

Pretty quick and simple! 

I love it!

;-)  -Marci


  1. Hi Marci, you are very pretty! I think this is my first time to visit your blog and you are great in crafting too. ^_^ Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.


    1. Thank you, Kim! I'm so glad you stopped by! Will you please come again soon? -Marci

  2. Fantastic! And you don't need a sewing machine....which I don't get along with at all. ;)

    Thank you for your visit to my blog today Marci! Have a creatively productive day!

    1. Oh, Joni! I love your fabulous-ness! Thank you for stopping by! -Marci

  3. what a great flower embelishment and tutorial! Hopping over from 'I should be mopping'. I'm currently challenging myself to sew my twin boys' fall/winter wardrobe through upcycled materials - I'd love for you to come take a look! ~Suzanne

    1. Hi, Suzanne! I love the challenge of upcycling an entire wardrobe! How fun! I'm sure I'll get TONS of ideas. Thank you for the invitation. -Marci

  4. I wish I was so creative as you!
    Found you through blog hop.

  5. Hi, there! Thank you for the reminder. I've linked Chubby Fashionista's Fashion Review. I just can't believe she is 1!! -Marci

  6. Your flower looks great, Marci. It'd make a lovely hair accessory, too.

  7. I can see a lot of projects in my future using this flower idea. Your flowers are just lovely. Pinned

  8. What a beautiful idea and a great way to dress up any shirt.

  9. Seriously so cute! I'd have never thought of using a cookie cutter for a pattern. You could make so many different colors of these, and be able to update your clothing in so many way. Great tutorial, and great project!

  10. Cookie cutters are awesome! I use them for so many crafts but never cookies, lol.


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