Saturday, June 15, 2013

Herbs: A Place to Begin... Simple Tea

Being part of our county's Master Gardener Speakers Guild is a lot of fun. My program is titled "Herbs: A Place to Begin". It is for anyone who might be curious about growing herbs or is just beginning to use them. I give simple advice for ways to incorporate tasty herbs into your every day life. After such a sweet reception to my presentation, I will be adding regular posts about herbs.

Watch for the ones titled "A Place to Begin".

How do you make an simple herbal tea?

This is probably the question I hear most often.  Folks have all these beautiful herbs in their garden, but have no idea what to do with them.  Teas are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to use herbs.  I've actually written three posts about how to make herbal tea.

Here they are:

Lemon Balm Tea

Peppermint Tea

Spearmint Tea 

Herbal teas are delicious hot or cold, sweetened or not.  There are approximately a bazillion ways to use them in recipes.  (Yes, there will be "A Place to Begin" posts about what to do besides drink them!) 


BTW...  There are already some suggestions on my Recipes Page for you.  'Just sayin'.  ;-)

Remember to visit my Stone Cottage each week as I give tips on simple ways to bring herbs into your everyday life. Look for the posts titled "A Place to Begin".

;-)  -Marci



  1. Found you from SITS. What a great resource. I have mint that lives in my backyard... I can't say that I grew it there, we've never been able to get rid of it, and it is now taking over a planter. Now I have some ideas on what to do with it! New visitors are always welcome!

  2. Spearmint tea is my favorite! I also love to have spearmint in my refreshing!

  3. I love fresh tea from my own herbs! I also dry them and take them to work in a jar, so many people ask me what I'm drinking, they never thought to make their own herbal tea :) I think its important to share these ideas and get people thinking about how to use herbs. I'm looking forward to your series.

  4. We *love* our home grown herbal teas and they make for fantastic gifts, too :-)

  5. We love herbal tea! I'm growing Lemon Balm for my husband and I since HE actually did the research.

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