Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fitness after 50. Week 9. Packing my Lunch Box

This is my new series about fitness.  I am certainly no expert.  Posts will be about what's working for me.  There will definitely be running plans, flexibility, and basic weight lifting.  You can also expect nutrition ideas, recipes, and, well, probably lots maybe a little bit of whining.  ;-)  I hope I have the courage to tell you about the failures.

  If you'd like to read the premise for all of this, take a look at these previous posts.

Packing Lunch

I have good news!  I've lost another 1.5 pounds!  Whew!  Here's how it's gone so far.  The first week, I forgot to weigh.  (I know, right?!)  The second week, I'd lost a total of 4.5 pounds!

Whoot Whoot! 


Week 3 and Week 4 I gained half a pound each week.  Two weeks in a row!!  Grrr...  This week though, I dropped 1.5!  Whew!

Total loss of 5 pounds.  YAY!

Most of the time we have leftovers that hop in our lunch boxes.  I talked about our meal plans in THIS POST.  For days when there are no leftovers, I usually have individually canned soups on hand.  There are lots of different brands that we like.  Reading the label is so very important on those.  Some are actually pretty nutritious, while others are just awful.

Here's how I pack my lunch box most days.

2 Cups Fresh Vegetables
2 Cups Fresh Fruit
Leftovers or Canned Soup
*some kind of protein*

*almonds or other nuts*
*protein bar*

I am not a huge fan of protein bars, but they work in a pinch.  If you compare the nutritional content of a protein bar with anything from the candy aisle, many are just overpriced candy bars.  Seriously, you might as well just have one of the candy bars with nuts in it.  There's not much difference.

During the day, I nibble on whatever suits me at that moment.  Generally, though, it plays out like this.  At 9 am I snack on the veggies.  Lunch around 11 am wipes out the warmed up leftovers and fruit.  Then another snack at 2:00 pm takes the protein.

I can eat non-stop all day long.  Really!  If I don't make packing my lunch and snacks a priority, there's no telling what I might have  Where I work, there are lots of vending machines as well as a little kitchen area where you can derail the very best of diet plans.


If you live in the United States and would like to try Blue Apron delivery boxes, I have a few free meals I can give away.  Just message me below that you're interested.  I'll need your name and email address so please send that to me at

Stone (dot) Cottage (dot) Adv (at) cox (dot) net

Do you like to pack your lunch?  If so, what are your favorite choices?

;-)  -Marci


  1. You can put me on the list of the give away please !!! Thanks,,

  2. Congratulations! It's so hard after 50. I remember in my 20s I could skip a meal and lose 3 pounds. LOL

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. I am having a hard time with my weight now that I am in my fifties but I am trying.

  4. So happy to see that you are so healthy, makes me motivated! Thanks so much for the push

  5. I'm always looking for healthy and easy lunch ideas! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss... and your discipline! :) I love the quotes... so true. Thank you.

  7. Me, too ! Love your lunch packing idea! I forget the water and the snacking...thanks - near you but not really this moring on Jen's link party from Sunny CA where avocados are cheap. PTL.

  8. ps I emailed you but not sure it went through...

  9. it said it wasn't a valid email. :(


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