Saturday, February 11, 2017

Aunt Margie's Punch Recipe

Baby shower posts continue!  ;-)  We had such a good time hosting one in January!

What a pretty Mommy-to-Be!

Here are a couple of previous baby shower posts:

For us, so many punch recipes are waaaaaaaay too sweet.  My Aunt Margie is a genius hostess and always serves this one.  It is perfect with cheesecake! 

Aunt Margie's Punch Recipe

2 Lemons
1 Orange
1 Lime
One Recipe of my Sweet Tea, still warm from the stove
One Recipe of my Sweet Tea frozen into Ice Cubes

Juice one lemon into the punch bowl.  Slice the rest of the citrus carefully, to make it look pretty and place inside punch bowl.  Pour the still warm recipe of Sweet Tea over the citrus a few hours before your party and let come to room temperature.  Just before the party, add the frozen Sweet Tea ice cubes.  As the punch bowl empties, keep adding Sweet Tea ice.  This keeps the punch cold AND full!

Our other drink options are a pitcher of un-sweet tea, a couple bottles of wine, and coffee pods for our Keurig.

Those tiny pods are a handy way to offer lots of flavors in a small space.  We have the little drawer underneath the machine to keep them tidy.

I like to offer varying sizes of glasses.  Those punch cups never seem to be quite big enough!  ;-)

More baby shower posts to come, along with a complete tour of my kitchen!

What is your favorite punch recipe?

;-)  -Marci

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