Saturday, February 25, 2017

Built on the Bluffs

...of the mighty Mississippi River.  Our visit to Natchez, Mississippi only lasted one evening.  We were on the way to Alabama and paused for a night there. 

Our hotel recommended a restaurant, but we got distracted by architecture and turned the wrong way.  It happens.  ;-)  I hopped into a boutique to ask for directions.  The lovely proprietor recommended we go under the bluff to a restaurant called "The Camp".  This time we paid attention ;-) and found the right  spot.  Check out this view!

We watched cars zip across the bridge and barges float by.  It was such a relaxing evening.  We both chose a sandwich from the menu and enjoyed our meal.

Oh, and let me tell you where we stayed.  A friend recommended the Eola Hotel nested in historic downtown Natchez.

Our bed in the William Martin room was this king size masterpiece.  We guessed the ceilings to be 12 feet tall.

My favorite feature about our room though were these French doors with transom that opened onto the veranda.

There's my handsome travelling buddy!  ;-)

Any photos of him generate beard care questions.  He purchases combs and other products HERE.

These are a few shots from our porch seating of the buildings adjacent to our hotel.  Some are newer, but most are very old.

I wish we had planned more time in this lovely city.  To the west of us were historic residential neighborhoods and to the east were historic businesses.  Many of these gorgeous homes are open for tours.

We strolled a few blocks each direction, holding hands and chatting about the beauty.  I'm not sure just how many "National Register of Historic Places" plaques we saw.  A lot of the buildings had them displayed proudly.

Sadly, the camera didn't make it on our quiet, romantic walk.  Leaving Natchez, Handsome Husband  stopped at a church to double check directions so I hopped out and snapped a few shots.

Azaleas were blooming all over town.  It was so pretty!  If you ever have the chance to visit Natchez, do it!  What a lovely place!

;-)  -Marci 


  1. Marci, I've been to Natchez as a child and remember visiting a lot of those antebellum homes. I'd love to return there sometime and see them again. We've started visiting the Gulf during the winter now that we've retired. The last two years we've gone to Gulf Shores but I'd like to go through Natchez next year so we may head a little west for a final destination. Thanks for the recommendations. Both the B&B and restaurant sound like our type of places! Happy Sunday!

  2. Sounds like a very pleasant place. The bed in your room is really something! Do you suppose that the frame at the top might be to hold curtains to enclose the bed?

    The azaleas must have been beautiful. Thanks for the "show and tell".


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