Friday, January 13, 2017

Fitness after 50. Week 5. A Breakfast Recipe

So this is my new series about fitness.  I am certainly no expert.  Posts will just be what's working for me.  A 50-something grandmother who enjoys mud runs, heavy lifting and aerial fitness.  There will definitely be running plans, flexibility, and basic weight lifting.  You can also expect nutrition ideas, recipes, and, well, probably lots maybe a little bit of whining.  ;-)  I hope I have the courage to tell you about the failures.

  If you'd like to read the premise for all of this, take a look at these previous posts.

This week, not only do I have recipe for you, I have a goofy story, too.  'Hope it makes you laugh!  ;-)

My go-to breakfast most mornings is a Green Monster Smoothie.  'Not sure where that name originally came from, but I've been making these for ages.  Here's my version of the recipe.

Green Monster Smoothie

1 cup frozen spinach or kale
1 cup vanilla soy milk
1 egg (fresh from my back yard)
1 cup frozen or fresh fruit

First I toss the spinach, milk and egg in the food processor and give that a good 10 second buzz.  Then in goes the fruit for processing.  If a bit of fruit doesn't get pureed, no big deal, but a hunk of green stuff makes me grumble.  ;-)

This smoothie may be a crazy green color, but tastes great!

Now for the goofy story I promised.

This morning I get ready for work and head to the car.  I'm carrying my laptop bag, my gym bag, my purse, my lunch box AND my Green Monster Smoothie because I don't like making two trips.  Making two trips is for sissies, right?  ;-)  I set the smoothie on top of my car while everything else got loaded.  Somehow, when I grabbed the smoothie to get in the car, I spilled a big green glop down the window and door of my white car.

Big green glop.

Anyone who saw it must have wondered what kind of birds fly over my house!

Do I have time to immediately wash my car on a work day?  Of course not, don't be silly!  ;-)  Any time I noticed the goop in my rear view mirror, it totally cracked me up.  I was busting out laughing all the way to work.

What do you like for breakfast?  Have you had any mishaps lately?

;-)  -Marci


  1. I like to vary breakfasts for us. We have a fresh fruit bowl with yogurt on top several times a week, what we call a big breakfast with bacon, eggs and toast once a week or so, oatmeal, and pancakes when I feed my sourdough started every two weeks or so. If we are in a hurry it's toast and maybe cold cereal, or just wait until lunch. - Margy

  2. I'm a fan of a big breakfast.

  3. I love smoothies for breakfast! Thanks for the recipe! The picture of the smoothie on you're car is hilarious. TFS!

  4. I've never gotten into the smoothie craze so our new breakfast of champions is a breakfast sandwich made with English muffins. We toast the muffins then add bacon, cheese of your choice and a fried egg. It's not very healthy but filling and delicious. Bet your car turned lots of head that day!

  5. Hehe, sounds like the sort of thing I would do!! I love smoothies, I had one like this on Saturday, minus the egg. Never thought to add egg before :)

  6. Thank you so much! As a former fitness professional I've fallen behind in my wellness plan a little and this is a great refresher.

  7. What a helpful and inspiring series! Thanks for sharing your tips for being fit after 50 as well as your healthy and delectable Green Monster Smoothie recipe with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing. Wishing you a healthy, happy year ahead!

  8. You eat healthy, work, workout and blog. You should write some posts about time management. What a role model.

  9. LOL I am big into smoothies too - not got the car with one yet :)


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