Monday, March 17, 2014

Vintage Peony Wreath

Another makeover for my Interchangeable Wreath!  I hope you like this one!

 This lovely Vintage Peony was made with coffee filters!  ;-) 

I know, right?! 

There is some serious inspiration about coloring coffee filters in THIS POST from fave blogger, Danni at Silo Hill Farm!  BTW, she made cabbage with hers!  No kidding, check it out!

Following her directions with these left over paint colors,

here are the results!  I love how each filter absorbs the color a little differently.  Some almost look tie dyed.

Here's how you do it!  Each peony consists of one filter laying flat, while eight others are folded into quarters and stacked evenly on top.
Using a T-pin, the stack of filters is attached to the Basic Wreath Form.
 Next, crumple each coffee filter individually.

Then straighten and fluff them until the peony is as full as you would like.  Continue around the wreath form with the next stack of filters.
The vintage look is perfect for my old rock farmhouse!
This fun project was so cheap, fast and easy, I'm thinking through another coffee filter idea while typing!  Don't you love it when creativity happens?!
;-)  -Marci


  1. Oh my goodness! This is gorgeous! Peonies are my favorite flower and I love this wreath. I cannot wait to give this a try when I get my craft room back in order at my new house. Thank you for the shout out and for taking the cabbage project to the next level! Those filters certainly do lend themselves to the papery, fluffy petals of peonies! Lovely project Marci!

  2. Love the rose DIY I also wanted I wanted to let you know that I nominated your for LEIBSTER AWARD.. for blogger who works hard its philosphy of Pay Forward, rewarding blogger for good work! go to my blog page
    you can read it and its a wonderful I was excited that another blogger took the time to nominated me.
    Its a really nice award to have on your blog.. Congrats and take care..Maria

  3. This wreath is so pretty! and you know I love tie dye. I haven't tried this but just think of all the fun and color combinations.....I am practically drooling!

  4. SO pretty!! Just a very creative idea! I'm pinning this to our DIY Sunday Showcase talent board! Thanks for sharing with us!!


  5. I bought coffee filters a few years ago with every intention of crafting with them... they're still sitting in my craft closet... You may have finally motivated me! Thanks!

  6. These are beautiful! The prettiest coffee filter flowers I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow - that is so cool!! I remember you sharing how to make those flowers before but in a wreath they are stunning! Thanks for linking this wonderful post up to my “Themed Blog & Shop Hop!”

  8. Marci, I wanted to let you know I will be featuring these at my What We Accomplished Wednesday party tonight.
    Blessings, Deborah

  9. That is soooo pretty! I love peonies, and this just looks so beautiful and simple to make. Thank you for sharing at the "all things handmade" link party on the Go Crochet Crazy Blog ( I hope to see you there again this Friday!

  10. This is so pretty! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!


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