Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eagles in Winter

What makes Bald Eagles so majestic?

We chose to celebrate our anniversary where we could see the eagles that spend their winters in the area.  Even edited, the photos aren't great.
It's important to us to be respectful and not disturb these national treasures by getting too close.

In one quiet cove early on a frosty morning, we could hear them calling to each other. 
;-) -Marci


  1. Eagles flying free , wonderful.

  2. I love bald eagles and I miss seeing them all the time when we lived in Montana! We see them occasionally here. So beautiful!

  3. Seeing Bald Eagles in the wild is always so thrilling, but all too rare!
    We live in a 1926 home that we've been fixing up for 10 years...quite the project, but wonderful at the same time! Your place looks delightful! And thank you for stopping by my blog, too!

  4. Wonderful to be as close as you were to these magnificent birds! :)


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