Sunday, March 2, 2014

Interchangeable Wreath for St Patrick's Day

Another makeover for my Basic Wreath Form that I like to call "Bess". 

You've already seen several of her outfits!
So, Bess needs an outfit for St. Patrick's Day.  We wouldn't what her to get pinched!  ;-)  I have a house plant that needs a hair cut and a wreath form that needs to be dressed.  Hmmm...  What could go wrong?  ;-)  A sandwich bag was filled with wet cotton balls and attached to the back of my Basic Wreath Form.  One snip was taken on the house plant.  Ivy was wrapped around the form with the cut end inside the sandwich bag.  Success!

The process continued until Bess was pretty covered.  I snipped any stray or damaged leaves.  'Not too bad, right?

WRONG!  Attempting to add water to the sandwich bag was a complete disaster!  Poor Bess!  The ivy was wilting.  BLECH!  That crazy plastic bag was dripping all over the place.  DOUBLE BLECH!  I was too aggravated to photograph this epic failure!  It's funny now though.  I kind of wish the drippy disaster was documented.

Oh, well!  The good news is, my house plant got a nice hair cut!  One mission was accomplished!  As far as the wreath goes, though, I'm going to call this one a complete waste of time!

If you have an idea for Bess' next outfit, I'd love to hear it!  Clearly, I need some help!

;-)  -Marci


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for coming by Mommy moments. I just pinned this so I can give it a try myself :)

  2. Oh I thought that looked so lovely and was a brilliant idea....until I read on! Sounds like something I would do! You might try just sticking your wreath on a stake and shoving it in the plant pot and wrapping the plant around it.

  3. I love the interchangeable wreath. Another great one. Thanks for linking it up on Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  4. Hi Marci!

    This interchangeable wreath is on my top three from The DIY'ers party! ( It will be featured on my party favorites pinterest board.
    If you haven't link up your latest project yet, come and join us!



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