Monday, October 8, 2018

Sewing Un-Paper Towels * Fabric Upcycle Challenge

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I love tackling challenges from other bloggers!  It is always inspiring!

This month, for upcycling material or clothing, my fellow participants are these brilliant bloggers:

Sewing Un-Paper Towels

We all need to reduce our paper usage, right?  My project begins with two colors of flat flannel sheets, a bit of rick rack from my stash, and an amazing idea from Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth.  JES' post is DIY Absorbable Un-Paper Towels.

The flannels are denim blue and an Autumnal plaid.  It's pretty remarkable how much fabric there is even in a twin size flat sheet.  Who know how many times these sheets have been washed and dried?  They are both super soft and crazy absorbent.  There is something about rick rack that just warms my heart!  ;-)  It has a wonderful vintage vibe, and I have a mountain of rick rack in all kinds of colors and sizes.  This time navy blue was my choice.

Following, JES' pattern I could have cranked this out in one afternoon if I had stayed focused.  There are only a couple of things different about mine.  One is the rick rack.  Embellishing is completely optional.  The second difference is I added a few quick seams across the Un-Paper Towels to keep them neater as they come from the dryer.  I won't want to press them and it will bug me if they don't lay nicely in their basket.

These Un-Paper Towels will join others under my kitchen sink helping us reduce paper usage and tidy up after ourselves!

;-)  -Marci

I'm always excited to see how the other bloggers tackled our challenge!  Here they are:


  1. I grew up using cloth towels - tea towels as they were called! I doubt if there were paper towels anywhere to be found back then. But these bring back memories of childhood - just by looking at them. What a terrific idea of using sheets to make a few or many!

  2. This look so pretty, Marci and it's a great way to reduce paper towel usage.

  3. These are so pretty! The rick rack was the perfect touch to your untowels.

  4. Marci, This is a wonderful way to upcycle old material and perfectly eco friendly at the same time! Pinning

  5. Marci,
    Super great idea. These look adorable for the season and can easily be adapted to all of the season with the choice of fabrics. I need some now. Perfectly green.

  6. Those are beautiful! I have been wanting to make cloth "paper" towels for years and even went so far as to buy snaps so I could put them together on a roll but I have to actually sew the cloth to make the towels.

  7. These are really cute and such a great idea! I especially love the plaid towels. 😊

  8. This is such a good idea. I like the extra seams too, you really don't want to be ironing these so that's a good solution.

  9. Have a couple of flannel sheets that got ripped in one corner by an overzealous puppy. I couldn't bring myself to throw away or get rid of but didn't know what I was going to do with them until I read your blog!! Thanks for the great idea!!

  10. These turned out so cute, in addition to be useful. I love rick rack too - it always reminds me of my mother. Thank you for sharing at Wonderful Wednesday.

  11. You've made them so pretty! I've been wanting to reduce the papers towels in our kitchen for a while now, so this is just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.


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